How to donate

This year there are several ways to donate to your favorite CFC charity. Donors can choose any of the following ways to donate.

In person donation options:

-One-time anonymous donation with cash or check

-One-time Hardcopy Pledge Form donation with cash or check


Online donation options:

-One-time or payroll deduction donation

-Online payroll deduction on MyPay


CFC POCs and Links

Wing and group representatives:

81st MDG- SSgt Kentarius Todd

81st TRG- SSgt Richard Miller

81st MSG- SSgt Carrie Haroulakis

85th EIS- SSgt Maryanne Williams

403rd Wing- TSgt Donnie Henderson

2nd AF- MSgt Stephen Cox

NCOA- TSgt Thomas Bedun


Important links:


Greater Mississippi CFC

What is Combined Federal Campaign?

The CFC began in the early 1960s to coordinate the fundraising efforts of carious charitable organizations. Through this program is ensured that federal employees would only be solicited once while in the workplace and still have the chance to donate to charities through payroll deductions. It is the largest and most successful workplace philanthropic fundraiser in the world and has raised over $6 billion dollars for charities around the world since 1961.