<![CDATA[Keesler Air Force Base - Training]]> http://www.keesler.af.mil en-US Wed, 15 Jul 2015 14:47:27 GMT Wed, 15 Jul 2015 14:47:27 GMT Air Force Link RSS Generator <![CDATA[366th Training Squadron Detachment 6 <br> 'Structures Airmen' train at Gulfport Navy installation]]> http://www.keesler.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123232049 Construction is often mistaken for mindless grunt work, but upon closer inspection, it'is really a delicate intertwining of mathematics, art and physical finesse. At the 366th Training Squadron, Detachment 6, its mission is not only to teach Airmen technical proficiency in the structures career field, but also to integrate the Air Force core values into every facet of their lives.

Detachment 6 falls under the command of the 82nd Training Wing at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, and is located at the Naval Construction Battalion Center, more commonly known as the Seabee Base, in Gulfport.
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<![CDATA[Airman Leadership School announces 2011 schedule]]> http://www.keesler.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123230243
The first class for fiscal 2011 is under way, but for calendar year 2011, the class start dates and graduation dates are:

11-2 -- Jan. 11, Feb. 16.
11-3 -- Feb. 22, March 30.
11-4 --April 6, May 12.
11-5 -- May 23, June 30.
11-6 -- July 29, Sept. 7.
11-7 -- Sept. 19, Oct. 26.
12-1 -- Nov. 3, Dec. 14.

"This takes into account federal holidays, Air Education and Training Command family days and non-training Fridays, with 24 academic training days scheduled for each class," said Senior Master Sgt. Vanessa Polk, ALS commandant. "Dates are subject to change due to mission requirements." For more information, call 377-3034.
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<![CDATA[Married couple deploys to Southwest Asia together]]> http://www.keesler.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123221325 Maintaining relationships during a deployment is difficult at best, and for most military couples the word deployment is synonymous with separation.

However, Tech. Sgt. Michael Raby, a client systems technician with the 81st Communications Squadron, and his wife, Staff Sgt. Cassandra Raby, a master instructor with the 336th Training Squadron, still get to spend around six hours a week together.

This might seem like an insignificant amount of time, but six hours is exceptional in a situation that doesn't usually allow for anything more than the occasional phone call.
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<![CDATA[Weather forecasting blends science, experience]]> http://www.keesler.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123221323 With more than 100 years of forecasting experience among the six members of the Keesler weather forecasting station, this is good news to Keesler's flying missions.

The base weather station supports the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, 815th Airlift Squadron and 45th Airlift Squadron with specific forecasting information that will tell pilots what to expect when they take off, land and anywhere in between.

"We even brief the Hurricane Hunters on the hurricanes," joked Jim Tart, lead forecaster with CSC. "Well, not exactly. We brief them on potential hazards they may encounter en route to the hurricane. After that, they know what to expect."
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<![CDATA[Airman's Creed is focal point of hallway project]]> http://www.keesler.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123221319 A project by the 338th Training Squadron to spruce up a hallway in Jones Hall evolved into a tribute to the Airman's Creed.

Fresh off of maternity leave, Staff Sgt. Ashley Campbell came back to the squadron to find Bryan Hall had been renovated with some nice decorative touches, thanks to Master Sgt. Kevin Brandon and his team. After speaking with Sergeant Brandon, Sergeant Campbell took on the project to give Jones Hall a fresh new look as well.

"The project started out with painting the hallway's faux columns and the fire extinguisher boxes by eight Airmen awaited training assigned to that detail," Sergeant Campbell explained. "Of those eight, I handpicked Airman Shawn Tierney to paint a map, which later spread to the Airmen's Creed.
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<![CDATA[Students support victims of sexual, domesic violence]]> http://www.keesler.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123221243
The 134 students in Class 10-6 collected about $2,700 in cash and donations to provide "comfort bags" to the Gulf Coast Women's Shelter for Nonviolence.

"They collected more than $670 of the money bagging groceries in the pouring rain Aug. 28," said Chief Master Sgt. David Kendall, the academy's commandant.

Each bag contains clothing, toiletries and other items that are taken to area emergency rooms where rape victims receive initial treatment. Items collected include tote bags and back packs, toiletries, T-shirts and sweat pants in different sizes, flip flops, underwear, notebooks, pens and personal care products.
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<![CDATA[Dark Knights help children with school supplies]]> http://www.keesler.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123220490 Equipping a child with classroom supplies for a new school year can be an expensive proposition. So what happens if a parent is already having financial difficulties -- what do they do?

Airman 1st Class Tessie Lessman, a radio frequency transmission student in the 338th Training Squadron, recognized the problem and spearheaded a project drive that collected $3,000 worth of school supplies for needy children in the Biloxi School System.

Airman Lessman, an Illinois Air National Guard member, has a sixth grader and a preschooler of her own back home. She was spurred to action when her military training leader, Staff Sgt. Nicholas Wilson, encouraged students to make a difference in the local community.
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<![CDATA[Dentists complete Keesler training]]> http://www.keesler.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123217426
Advanced Education in General Dentistry graduates and their new assignments are Capts. (Drs.) Joshua Breding (Beale Air Force Base, Calif.), Cynthia Dominessy (Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, then Yokota AB, Japan), John Dusenbury (Keesler), Peter Frandsen (Hill AFB, Utah), Anthony Kasallis (Royal Air Force Lakenheath, United Kingdom), Nicholas Polczynski (Whiteman AFB, Mo.), David Schindler (Kunsan AB, Korea, then Bolling AFB, D.C.) and Paula Stepp (Incirlik AB).
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<![CDATA['Legend' speaks at grandson's graduation]]> http://www.keesler.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123217425 A living legend in the air traffic control field came to Keesler Aug. 5 to speak at his grandson's graduation from the 334th Training Squadron's air traffic control course.

Retired Col. Derrel Dempsey, who's recognized in the Air Force's Communications and Information Hall of Fame, is the grandfather of Airman 1st Class Kiefer Luth.

Mr. Dempsey has 30 years of Air Force aviation experience as chief of air traffic control, flight inspection pilot, radar approach control and control tower officer and air traffic control staff officer at various assignments around the world.
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<![CDATA[Gators grab another drill down win]]> http://www.keesler.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123217423 The 334th Training Squad-ron claimed its third overall drill down title for 2010 in Friday's 81st Training Group competition.

The 334th TRS Gators, winners of the February and April contests, took first place in all three categories -- open ranks, regulation drill and freestyle drill.

The Dark Knights from the 338th TRS, who hold last year's overall drill down title and won the June contest, came in second place this time with a second in regulation drill and a third in freestyle drill.
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<![CDATA[Operations director is former student, instructor]]> http://www.keesler.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123216304 The 334th Training Squadron has a new director of operations, but this isn't his first time at Keesler.

Maj. Daniel Williams first arrived at Keesler 21 years ago as an enlisted Airman.

"I decided to enlist in the Air Force for the educational benefits," he said. "I did not come from a military family so I had no clue about serving in the military. However, after joining, I realized this was something bigger than just gaining educational benefits, this was an organization that stood for something and I wanted to be a part of it."
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<![CDATA[General Mueller assumes command of Keesler]]> http://www.keesler.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123215997 In assuming command of the 81st Training Wing Monday, Brig. Gen. Andrew Mueller issued a three-part challenge to Team Keesler - professionalism, perseverance and pride.

General Mueller took command from Brig. Gen. Ian Dickinson in a ceremony on the parade field officiated by Maj. Gen. Mary Kay Hertog, 2nd Air Force commander.

In highlighting professionalism, General Mueller challenged his team "to be an example to our Airmen. Be an inspiration to them - be someone they'll want to emulate as they move forward in their careers."
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