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2021 TMO Peak Season Tips

The Personal Property peak moving season for the DoD typically begins on 15 May and will run through 30 September. This year has seen numerous challenges. The Keesler TMO would like to share a few changes as well as tips to help you be successful during your move.

VERY IMPORTANT Change for 2021 peak moving season:
United States Transportation Command has mandated all customers provide a 7 calendar day spread to facilitate a move. This new rule is applied to household goods and unaccompanied baggage shipments with pick-ups scheduled on/after 15 May 2021. The TMO will not request a weekend or holiday pickup date but you and your TSP (Transportation Service Provider) can agree to any date but please note there will be no after-hours support or quality assurance inspectors available. Move requests without a 7 day spread cannot be forwarded for coordination.

Moving Tips:

  • Go to MOVE.MIL to start your move. All customers must register for an ETA User ID and password to access the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) to arrange their move. Move.mil has an abundance of information.
  • Contact your local Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO) once you receive your orders. First time movers, Retirees and Separatees must visit TMO for assistance. All others can choose to arrange their own move in DPS which can be accessed via move.mil. We are currently booking 30-45 days out. If movers cannot be arranged to support your timeline, talk with your chain of command immediately to explore options—which may include changes to your RNLT.
  • Please be patient with your local TMO. This moving season has faced many issues from COVID to worldwide industry labor shortages. We want to help solve your moving issues and some of our suggested solutions may not always be what you want to hear.
  • If you are moving stateside this summer, we strongly suggest you consider performing a Personally Procured Move (PPM). The DoD has increased incentive payments for PPM’s making it a great option.
  • Never schedule household goods prior to receiving your residence keys, on the same day as your housing inspection, or any other situation where you cannot be available the entire day.
  • Purge items you have not used in over a year to prevent exceeding your weight allowance. There are plenty of organizations, both on and off base that would be grateful for your donations. Excess cost on shipments vary from $1 - $4 per pound based upon destination, code of service, and type of shipment.
  • Pro-gear is a maximum of 2,000 lbs for each service member. Before signing your inventory prepared by the TSP(s), be sure these items are listed as “PBP&E/Pro Gear” and not as “books” or “miscellaneous”. Pro-gear cannot be claimed after-the-fact, it must be identified on your inventory.
  • Debris Removal. If you waive your unpacking, you will be responsible for removing the packing materials. Keesler has a recycling center located at the north end of Bldg 4002.
  • Complete your Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS). Your voice counts. After receiving your delivery at destination, you're asked to complete a CSS. The CSS is the primary source of data that is used in determining the performance portion of each TSP. You, as a customer, can assist in improving the quality of personal property moves. Your opinion counts and every completed survey enhances the program.

The success of your move is contingent upon your active participation and preparation.

For additional information or assistance with your move, permanent party personnel can contact the Keesler TMO at 228-376-8737/8531/32/33/27 or email 81lrs.tmf@us.af.mil. NPS Technical School Students should contact the Levitow TMO at 228-377-1263 or DSN 597-1263.