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2004 Keesler Air Force Base Air Show and Open House (U.S. Air Force photo by Kemberly Groue)

2004 Keesler Air Force Base Air Show and Open House (U.S. Air Force photo by Kemberly Groue)

Tips to enjoy the show: 

If this is your first air show or your 100th air show, you may find the tips below useful when you visit Keesler's Thunder on the Bay Air Show:
  • Wear sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Take a hat and wear comfortable shoes
  • Leave unnecessary gear at home - you're welcome to bring a small folding lawn chair or blanket to air show
  • Coolers, large bags and other items are prohibited, so please review the prohibited and allowed items section before you leave home. Pets, glass, alcohol, knives, and guns are prohibited
  • Bring hearing protection - air shows can be a tad noisy whether it's the growl of a propeller plane or the awesome roar of an F16. Hearing protection is especially important for the sensitive ears of our smallest air show fans
  • No smoking! Smoking is prohibited on the flightline. A few smoking areas will be set up across the flightline road away from the aircraft, but NEVER smoke near an airplane!
  • Pick up your trash You can help our pilots and event by ensuring your trash gets thrown into a trash can. Trash is a true hazard for most planes, but especially jets. A soda bottle sucked into an engine could potentially cause a catastrophic accident and cost millions of dollars
  •  Please don't litter! 
  • No political activity 
  • Prohibited Items                                                                                                                             In order to keep potentially dangerous items outside of the airfield, ALL bags will be inspected as you enter through airfield entry points and all individuals will be subject to search. To keep delays to a minimum, the following items are not permitted onto the airfield and may be confiscated: 
  • Ice chests or coolers
  • Large bags (bags larger than a small purse or fanny pack), duffle bags, briefcases, large camera bags
  • Backpacks
  • All weapons (regardless of permit) including: firearms, knives (including pocket knives and multi-tools), walking sticks (except for handicap use) pepper spray, tasers and all other items that the security force deems dangerous. Any confiscated items will not be returned
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Pets (other than service animals)
  • Glass containers
  • Bicycles, roller skates, roller blades or skateboards 

    Authorized Items
    All authorized items will be inspected prior to entering the airfield. It is recommended that spectators minimize the number and size of authorized items to reduce the time required for inspection prior to access into the airfield area. T
The following items are permitted:
  • Cellular phones and pagers (may be asked to turn off / on)
  • Small fanny packs and purses
  • Cameras and camcorders (owners should not load film prior to entering the show area as they may be required to open all compartments at Security Checkpoints)
  • Folding chairs and lawn chairs (chairs in bags subject to search)
  • Umbrellas and sunshades
  • Wheelchairs
  • Baby bags and smalls strollers, if attending with an infant or small child.
Please be informed:  
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the airfield in the vicinity of aircraft, vendor tents or chalets
  • Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas
  • Unattended bags and packages will be removed from the premises
  • Neither strollers nor wheelchairs will be available for rent at the air show
  • Sun protection, including hat, long-sleeved shirts and long pants and sun screen are recommended
  • Water will be available throughout the air show area
  • Wear comfortable footgear; the airfield is paved and you may walk long distances
  • All personnel and vendors will be subject to search