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Air SHow 2009 parking

Parking on base will be extremely limited, so a shuttle service will be provided.  Each pickup area will be designated with a color.  When ready to return to the parking area, simply match the color of your parking area with the color designator that will be in the shuttle bus window.

Parking lots:

Unpaved parking lot in front of the IP casino. 

Bayview exit under highway I-110 in Biloxi.

Division St. exit under highway I-110 in Biloxi.

D'iberville High School parking lot.

D'iberville Sports Complex parking lot

Biloxi Sports Complex parking lot.

Old Harrison Court Housing area

Old Oak Park off-base base housing area.

The shuttles will start an hour prior to the air show.  Shuttles will be running every 15 minutes and is a free service.  The shuttles will take passengers to one of the entry control points near the flight line and back to their prospective parking lot.   No coolers, backpacks or any type of weapon are permitted.  Child strollers must be small.