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Keesler Internal Medicine Wards


  • Teams will consist of one attending per 2 weeks, one resident (PGY-2/3) and one intern (PGY-1)

    • Medical students, usually 0-2, will be assigned as available

    • Ultimately, the attending of the team is responsible for the team

    • Wards are not vacation eligible

  • Supervision will consist of an attending from IM or one of IM sub-specialties

    • ID, Rheumatology, GI, Pulm/CC, Nephrology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Hem/Onc, etc.

  • There will be 4 teaching service teams, which will make up the construct of the call schedule

  • Residents and interns will see one half day of continuity clinic each week

    These teams will admit/transfer to internal medicine from the ER, Clinic, or Outside facilities to the general medical ward, telemetry ward, and medical ICU as follows

    • *When there is no Cardiology Resident Service, the On-Call team will admit post-procedure patients to their service, with the Cardiologist as the attending of record

      • This will be minimized as much as the schedule will allow


  • Weekdays

  • The schedule follows On Call – Post Call – Short Call – Pre Call

    • Call (Day 1).  Each team will be on call every 4th day, from 0700-1930

      • All patients admitted to internal medicine that arrive at that time (regardless of accepting team) will be assigned to the on-call team

      • Also, if more than 4 patients are admitted to the short-call team, the on-call team will accept the extra

      • Arrangements may be made if a patient was accepted prior to arrival, and the accepting team would like to keep the patient on their service

      • After 1930, patients will be admitted to the short-call team via night medicine

    • Post-call (Day 2).  Following the call day, each team will be “post-call” and will not accept any new patients

    • Short-call (Day 3)

      • The team will receive formal sign-out from the night medicine team for all admissions the night before in the forum of Senior Openers

      • Up to 4 patients will be accepted by the short-call team, after which they will be divided among the remaining teams

      • This will be a day that the resident can take off if needed

      • This will be a day clinic can be scheduled

    • Pre-call (Day 4).  Also called the “golden day”

      • No patients will be admitted to the team on their pre-call day

        • Arrangements can be made with housestaff and staff regarding bounce-backs, PCM patients, or other special circumstances

      • This will be a day that the resident or intern can take off if needed

      • This will be a day clinic can be scheduled

  • Weekends

    • Weekends will work essentially the same as the weekdays, except short call will go to that days call team, therefore ensuring there is at least 4 days off per month for each resident

      • Down-Fridays and holidays do not count as weekends

        • All Down-Friday and weekday Holiday short-calls will go to the scheduled short-call team