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Keesler Ambulatory (AMB)

  • Ambulatory clinic will be one half month, and complement night medicine

    • Either the first or second half of the month

    • Ambulatory is not vacation eligible

  • Supervision will consist of an attending from IM or one of IM sub-specialties

    • ID, Rheumatology, GI, Pulm/CC, Nephrology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Hem/Onc, etc.

  • In general (with some flexibility) the schedule is as follows

    • Tuesday and Thursday mornings are running GXT/Myoviews

      • Staff of record will be an Internist or Cardiologist

      • Documentation of notification of ordering provider required via Tcon or Secure Email

    • Up-Friday mornings are with dermatology

    • When not running myoviews, Thursday mornings are with the Medical Coders

    • Wednesday will be procedure clinic

    • With the time remaining, residents and interns will see mostly hospital follow ups, acute visits, and new consults to internal medicine

      • There will be opportunity to schedule in your own continuity clinic as well

      • Residents will see 5 patients in the AM, and 3-4 in the PM

      • Interns will see 3-4 patients in the AM, and 3-4 in the PM