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Keesler Night Medicine

  • The team will consist of one resident (PGY-2/3) and one intern (PGY-1)

    • These will be assigned to either the first half or second half of the month in two week blocks

    • Night medicine is not vacation eligible

    • Ultimately, the attending of the team is responsible for the team

  • Night Medicine (for both resident and intern) will start admitting and take sign out from the call team at 2000 and continue until 0700 the following morning

    • All internal admissions to general medical ward, telemetry, and medical ICU

    • The resident will be responsible for all admissions to the current day’s Night Attending team, as outlined on the call schedule

    • The intern is primarily responsible for cross cover issues and admissions

  • The Night Medicine team will hand off patients at 0630 to the corresponding teams

    • This has been designated to take place in the Resource Room

    • At the attending’s discretion, the night team will round on their admissions with the short call team

  • Supervision will consist of an attending from IM or one of IM sub-specialties

    • ID, Rheumatology, GI, Pulm/CC, Nephrology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Hem/Onc, etc.

    • The night medicine resident provides direct supervision for the night medicine intern

  • There will be 4 teaching service teams, which will make up the construct of the call schedule

  • Residents will see not clinic during their night  medicine rotation