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Keesler Continuity Clinic


  • The Program will continue with one-month block rotations, with continuity clinic built in weekly

    • Routinely, this will be one half day of clinic weekly or a full day of clinic twice monthly

  • Supervision will consist of an assigned attending from IM or one of IM sub-specialties

    • ID, Rheumatology, GI, Pulm/CC, Nephrology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Hem/Onc, etc

    • Each resident also has an assigned Internist that will follow them the three years of residency, which can also be used


  • There is a lot of variation in the schedule, due to numerous existing responsibilities, in general:

    • Ward residents will have half day clinic weekly in the afternoon

      • Typically this is 3 patients for interns, 4-5 for residents

    • Cardiology residents will have half day clinic weekly

    • Elective residents will vary, depending upon the request of that department

    • TDY residents (not Gulfport or local rotations) will not have continuity clinic