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Keesler Cardiology


  • Teams will consist of one cardiologist, one resident (PGY-2/3) and one intern (PGY-1)

    • Medical students, usually 0-2, will be assigned as available

    • Ultimately, the attending of the team is responsible for the team

  • Supervision will consist of an attending from cardiology

  • There will be 1 teaching cardiology service

  • This team will admit/transfer as follows:

    • Post-cath and procedure patients all go to the Cardiology team, when available

    • At the discretion of the attending and team, cardiology patients from the ER, Cardiology Clinic, or VA may be admitted to the Cardiology team

      • Routinely, these patients will be admitted to medicine, with cardiology consult

    • In general, the team will admit M-F, and often have weekends off

      • However, this is not guaranteed

      • This must fall within the ACGME work hours and days off

  • All patients will need history and physical, daily progress notes, and discharge summary

    • For post-procedure, a clinic note dated in the past 30 days will suffice for H&P

    • An addendum is needed to update what occurred during the procedure

  • The cardiology resident is the back-up provider to run Tuesday and Thursday Myoviews in NM

  • Residents will see one half day of continuity clinic per week

  • Cardiology is not vacation eligible

Keesler Elective


  • The organization of electives will vary by service and attending, but in general:

    • You will be expected to be at work during normal business hours

    • You will likely see clinic and consults on elective

    • Typically, weekends and down-Fridays are considered off, but should be clarified with the attending

  • Electives are eligible for vacation

  • Saturday Night Float will be assigned on electives as well

  • Continuity clinic will still be seen while on elective

  • You will be expected to follow  the curriculum for the assigned elective

  • It will be expected that you rotate through the core IM electives prior to pursuing others

    • However, during PGY3, 1-2 months may be done in a non-IM elective

    • Typically, PGY2s get 2-3 electives

    • PGY3s 4-5 electives

  • At the discretion of the Program, electives may be done off-site

    • This is usually done at SAMMC