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Surgery Admission Steps


Surgery Admission Steps – Keesler Hospital

Same-Day Surgery

Telephone: 376-5920

Location: second floor (2B)

Hours of Operation: 5:30 a.m.-7 p.m., Monday - Friday

Keesler performs a large number of scheduled surgeries and procedures on an outpatient basis, thus avoiding hospital stays for many patients. As technology provides advanced capabilities, the capability for outpatient procedures continues to grow. Same-day surgery allows you to spend the night prior to surgery with your family. Your doctor and your type of surgery will determine whether same day surgery is an option in your plan of care.

If you are scheduled for same-day surgery, you will be given an appointment for your admission. Prior to your surgery you will be given specific instructions about your surgery and recovery. Once your surgery is completed, and your doctor and nurse determine it is safe, you will be allowed to go home. Some patients are required to spend the night after surgery in the hospital; this depends upon their post-operative condition and type of surgical procedure performed.


1. CLINIC VISITS. Your doctor determines your need to be admitted to the hospital for a surgical procedure.

2. HISTORY AND PHYSICAL. Once it is determined you will need to be admitted for a surgical procedure, your doctor will schedule a time to give you a complete physical exam and record your medical history – if not already done – review your surgical procedure with you, complete surgical consents and make an appointment for you to visit the pre-admit clinic.

3. PRE-ADMIT CLINIC (first floor, room 1A208). Pre-admit personnel will coordinate all requirements necessary before your surgical admission (pre-op teaching, anesthesia interview, if it is determined you need to be seen before the day of surgery, and preadmission testing).

4. PREADMISSION TESTING. You may need to visit various clinics for outpatient testing. (Lab, EKG, Radiology)

5. ANESTHESIA AND OPERATING ROOM NURSE INTERVIEW. If you are admitted for a surgical operation, you will be met in the pre-op holding area located next to the recovery room and interviewed by an operating room nurse and anesthesia provider prior to being taken to the operating room.

6. ADMISSION. All patients being admitted for surgical procedures will check into the Same Day Surgery Unit prior to their procedure. After their procedure, if they are to be admitted overnight, their surgeon will determine the inpatient unit appropriate for their care.

7. PRE-OPERATIVE TEACHING. Once you have settled in your room, a nurse will give you instructions. The nurse will discuss with you what to expect during your stay. Instructions may include information about diet restrictions, activity limitations, special cleansing, medications, etc. Both you and the staff must work together to maximize your health care.


* Maintain "nothing by mouth" status as required for your procedure.

* Take all medications as discussed the morning of your procedure. (Medications to be taken prior to surgery will be determined by the pre-admit/anesthesia personnel.)

* No alcohol consumption 24 hours beforehand

* Remove nail polish on at least one finger.

* Wear comfortable, easy-to-remove clothing

* Pack light. You may bring your own pajamas, bathrobe, and slippers, but keep in mind there is little room for storage. Hospital issue is available.

* Leave ALL valuables at home. Ensure you bring your ID card. (Jewelry, including watches, cannot be worn during surgery.)

* Children under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian or parent for interviews and tests.

* Other instructions as assigned by your physician.