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Top 10 "Smooth Move" PCS Tips

If you are planning to PCS, the following tips will help ease your transition and ensure you have a successful household goods move.


  1. Go to www.move.mil  to start your move. Customers must register for a User ID and password to get started.


  2. Contact your local Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO) immediately when you receive your orders.


  3. The busiest times to arrange pick-ups are the end of each month and Fridays.  Try to schedule your move on alternate dates or times.


  4. Your weight allowance is based upon your rank and whether you are traveling with or without dependents.  You can look up your specific entitlement at http://www.ustranscom.mil/dtr/part-iv/dtr_part_iv_app_k_1.pdf 


  5. Never schedule household goods prior to receiving your new residence keys or on the same day as other personal property pick-ups/deliveries.  If for some reason you are unable to accept your property, the movers could charge for the attempted delivery.


  6. Avoid excess shipping costs by purging items you have not used in over a year to prevent exceeding your weight allowance. 


  7. The maximum pro-gear allowance is 2,000 lbs. Your spouse may be authorized an additional 500 lbs. for pro-gear necessary for employment or community support activities at your next duty station. For a definition of Pro-gear, refer to: http://www.ustranscom.mil/dtr/part-iv/dtr_part_iv_app_k_1.pdf 


  8. Contact your local PPPO to determine if you are able to ship firearms and motorcycles to your PCS location. 


  9. HHGs are defined as personal property that belongs to you and your dependents on the effective date of your PCS orders.  Please refer to http://www.ustranscom.mil/dtr/part-iv/dtr_part_iv_app_k_1.pdf  Page 11 paragraph M & N for more detailed items of what you may/may not ship.


  10. You should complete a Customer Service Satisfaction survey no later than 7 days after delivery of your items.  These surveys are used to our improve service for future PCS moves. 



The success of your move is contingent upon your active participation and preparation.  The following websites will assist you in your move: 





For additional information or assistance with your PCS, permanent party personnel can contact the Sablich PPPO at 228-376-8527/8531/8532/8533 or DSN 591-8527/8531/8532/8533. Technical School Students should contact the Levitow PPPO at 228-377-1263 or DSN 597-1263.