DBIDS Information for retirees

New "ID Card System"

Soon, to gain access to Keesler, you will need more than your ID card. Before 30 June 2011, you must also be registered in the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS). Registration for (DBIDS) has begun at Keesler. DBIDS is a DoD identity authentication and force protection tool and everyone (Active duty, DoD employees, Contractors, Dependents, and Retirees) with a DoD-issued ID card must register.

You will not get a new ID card unless your ID card does not have a barcode on the reverse side. [If it does not, you will need to exchange it at the Military Personnel Office (MPF) located in the Sablich Center before you register in DBIDS.]
What is the registration process? Each registration takes five minutes or less and is completed in three easy steps:

1) Scan your ID Card
2) Enter your information
3) Take an electronic fingerprint
Where can you register?

1) The Military Personnel Flight (MPF)/Customer Service Office located in the Sablich Center
2) Pass and Registration located at the Main Gate
3) The Keesler Medical Center Front Desk
4) The Satellite Pharmacy located at the new Base Exchange

When DBIDS is implemented, you will present your ID card to gate guard. With one scan of the barcode your information (picture, last 4 of SSN, age, weight, height, eye color, hair color and gender) will be displayed on a hand-held computer along with "Access Authorized". Access will be denied to anyone who presents a phony or expired ID card and anyone unauthorized to access to military installations. This system represents a great improvement over just flashing an ID card.

Don't procrastinate, register now! For spouses and dependents of retirees, unless you need a new ID card, the sponsor is not required to accompany the cardholder.

If you have questions, please call 377-3844.