This page provides current and pertinent links to available information in the event that Keesler and its personnel experience hurricane conditions. The links will better prepare Airmen and their families if a hurricane strikes your area.

Current HURCON condition: HURCON Normal
Please verify and update AFPAAS by logging into the
Air Force Portal

Mission-essential personnel and students are the only personnel authorized to shelter on Keesler AFB. 
Dependents and retirees are encouraged to seek shelter in a local community shelter or evacuate outside of the affected area. 

Mission-essential personnel are encouraged to plan ahead to account for dependent evacuation.

  • Grab your disaster kit, pets and family and leave no earlier than directed by the Wing Commander.
  • Finance will reimburse you for an evacuation of a minimum of 150 miles and a max of 750 miles one way (mileage can be increased by the Wing Commander).
  • Things to note when evacuating - main routes will be congested, tune to radio for traffic information, become familiar with secondary roads as backup.
  • Be sure to identify yourself as an evacuee when making hotel reservations.
  • Military/Civil Service may be recalled before dependents.
  • 4-TIERED APPROACH FOR PERSONNEL ACCOUNTABILITY - Upon arrival to primary/alternate evacuation points or up to 24 hours after notice of evacuation contact supervisor (or the person above them on the recall roster).

Contact supervisor/UCC
Contact the HESS at 1-877-325-EVAC (3822)
Update status on AFPAAS at:
Contact AFPC/PRC at 1-800-435-9941

  • Last Resort: In the event you are stranded in a crisis area with no communication available, report your status to any responding agent (Red Cross, local police, FEMA, etc.) and ask that agent to report your status to the Air Force through any means possible.


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