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NCOIC of Optometry uses Hurricane fund money to buy clothes for his family

KEESLER AIR FORCE BASE, Miss. -- A Keesler master sergeant used money from the Katrina assistance fund to clothe his family in the aftermath of the massive storm.  

Master Sergeant Stanley Hardin, who is currently the acting Aerospace medical Squadron Superintendant, received $500 dollars from the hurricane assistance fund.  Before the storm, Sergeant Hardin, who was then the NCOIC of optometry, lived behind the commissary in base housing, along with his wife Tara and their two sons quintan and Kweisi.  Not knowing they would not be able to return, and even worse there wouldn't be much to return to, Sergeant Hardin said his family only packed a few items of clothing to evacuate for the storm, "We lost every thing including our vehicle," said sergeant Hardin. 

The family, rode the storm out in Jacksonville Florida. The family stayed in Florida about a week before relocating to Las vegas Nevada.
"I'm usually prepared for everything," said Sergeant Hardin who felt ill prepared for the storm.

Sergeant Hardin said his family now lives in Las Vegas where they have been since they relocated there.

Sergeant Hardin returned to Keesler when he was recalled in September. Sergeant Hardin plans to join his family in Las Vegas when he retires in July.

In his retirement Sergeant Hardin plans to continue serving others by joining the Las Vegas Police Department.