What does it take to become an AETC Learning Professional? In the video below, two of Faculty Development's instructional experts take you on a tour of the Learning Professional Pathway. 

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The 81st TRSS Faculty Development Flight offers a wide range of courses to meet the needs of Learning Professionals across the Air Education and Training Command, Mission Partners, and Sister Services.  Click the links below to see our Formal course and Professional Development offerings. 

Course Enrollment Procedures: 

For personnel assigned to AETC, please send all scheduling requests to the 81 TRSS/FacD Scheduling organizational inbox. All Non-AETC personnel must work their request through their UTM and TRQI. UTMs must download, fill out, and forward the Schedule Request Form to the 81TRSS /FacD Scheduling organizational inbox in the global address list (GAL) or email: 81trss.tsf3@us.af.mil.   

Special Note: Some course dates may be affected by the "COVID-19 Social Distancing" policies.  

What is SCALE-UP?

The 81 TRSS Faculty Development Flight integrated the SCALE-UP Methodology into the Basic Instructor Course in October 2018.

We have had many  questions about this instructional model and how we are using it in our curriculum. 

SCALE-UP (which stands for Student-Centered Active Learning Environment with Upside-down Pedagogies) was initially introduced by Dr. Robert Beichner (Pronounced BEEK-ner) a physics professor at North Carolina State University in 1995. Originally named "Student-Centered Activities for Large Enrollment Undergraduate Physics," the name evolved as more universities began adopting this method in their own classrooms. Read more about the origination of this method here at the SCALE-UP Website.

To read more about how Faculty Development has been using this method in both our in-resident and online courses, you can download our "What is SCALE-UP?" Fact Sheet by clicking the link. 

Still want to know more? Contact our ELITE Course Director Dr. Bo Smith for assistance!








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