Key Spouse Objectives

  • Increases awareness of installation/community resources
  • Identifies/resolves issues at lowest levels
  • Enhances up/down information flow
  • Prepares/supports families during periods of separation
  • Increases sense of unit support
  • Improves quality of life among unit families
  • Increases readiness and retention
  • Enhances family resiliency
  • Promotes individual, family and unit readiness
  • Establishes continuous contact with spouses/families
  • Encourages peer-to-peer/wingman support
  • Links to leadership
  • Provides an informal sounding board
  • Strengthens leadership's support team
  • Vital to building strong Air Force communities


Key Spouse Roles

  • Listens and offers assistance to families during crisis or difficulty
  • Understands the dynamics of the unit since they are also members
  • Provides information and referral services to families on resources
  • Provides family readiness information and feedback
  • Gives feedback to unit leadership
  • Participates in the phone/email tree and maintains a family readiness roster
  • Welcomes incoming members and families along with the military member's appointed sponsor

What Is A Key Spouse?

A Key Spouse is the face of unit leadership to families. A Key Spouse provides peer-to-peer wingman support, informs and refers family members. Caring for families on the home front allows the war fighter to focus on his/her mission at home and down range.






Team Players

Conduit of Information

                       Official Unit Representative


Contact Info

To contact or find out who your key spouse is, call the Airmen and Family Readiness Center at 228-376-8728.

You can also stop by their office at:

500 Fisher St.

Building 0701, Room 110

Keesler AFB, MS 39534


Monday - Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Fridays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Becoming A Key Spouse

Would you make an excellent addition to your unit's Key Spouse team?

Contact your squadron's First Sergeant. Once you've been appointed in writing, you will need to register for the two part training.

Part 1- Key Spouse core training

Part 2- Heart Link

Optional suicide/Family Advocacy/Sexual assault awareness training

The Key Spouse training is facilitated by the Airmen & Family Readiness Center.

Helpful Links

For more information about services provided to members of team Keesler visit the following websites:

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