Veterans Affairs (VA) Representatives

500 Fisher Street, Suite 102
Keesler AFB MS 39532-5324

SMSgt Ed Long (Ret) and MSG Caesar Purnell (Ret) serve as Veterans Affairs Representatives for retired Military/Family Members residing in the Keesler Retiree Activities Office catchment area (south Alabama, south Mississippi, and south Louisiana). Because privacy is of utmost importance when dealing with personal and sensitive issues, the VA representatives have a private office in the RAO, Room 102, Sablich Center. Appointments are recommended but not required. Appointments can be made by calling 376-8111/8112.

-- For Vietnam Veterans, last Year the VA approved three additional medical conditions presumptively caused by Agent Orange. They are ischemic heart disease, Parkinson's disease, and B-Cell Leukemia. If you are affected by one of these diagnoses and have proof that you spent 24 hours in-country you may be eligible. This year new eligibility was extended to include Vietnam War veterans who served at selected bases in Thailand.
-- Before filing for combat related service connected disability (CRSC), veterans must first ensure they qualify for Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP).
(If the above apply to you, please contact a Veterans Affairs Representative at Keesler for assistance.)
--Navy and coast Guard personnel may now be eligible for Agent Orange presumptive illness. Check with our office or your local Veterans Service Officer (VSO) for guidance.
--To meet the needs of our women veterans, a female representative will soon be added to our staff.

Retirees who served in the Republic of Vietnam and Thailand and were exposed to Agent Orange, should familiarize themselves with the Department of Veterans Affairs announcements (see "Agent Orange Benefit Expanded" under the "Pay and Benefits" section of this website).