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DO NOT DISCUSS CLASSIFIED INFORMATION ON UNSECURE TELEPHONES. OFFICIAL DOD TELEPHONES ARE SUBJECT TO MONITORING FOR COMMUNICATIONS SECURITY PURPOSES AT ALL TIMES.  DOD telephones are provided for the transmission of official government information only and are subject to communications security monitoring at all times. Use of official DOD telephones constitutes consent to communications security telephone monitoring.

Emergency Contacts

Fire Dept./Ambulance/Security Forces Emergency/Crime Stop

Security Forces Front Desk (Non-Emergency)
(228) 377-3040/3045
Abandoned Vehicle Report
Base Housing Crime Prevention Report

Fire Department (Non-Emergency)
(228) 377-3333/3330

(228) 377-4330

SARC 24-Hour Hot Line
(228) 377-7278

Commander's Action Line
(228) 377-4357

Base Directory

Contact Us

Contact Us

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