Hurricane recovery information

After a hurricane passes, Keesler people who evacuated contact their units for instructions. If communication with the base isn't possible, call the Air Force Personnel Center, 1-800-435-9941. Also, if directed, update your information in the Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (AFPAAS) by logging into the Air Force Portal.

Those who shelter on base:

Remain in shelter until officials say you may leave.

Military report to duty sections. Control centers delegate recovery operations to all units.

Don't enter damaged buildings.

Don't check for gas leaks with matches.

Don't turn utilities on until they've been checked.

Don't eat or drink anything without first checking it for damage or contamination.

Assess and record all damage.

Report building damage to 81st Civil Engineer Squadron if you're in base housing, or to your insurance company if you live off-base.

Report damaged personal property to your insurance company.

Make plans for temporary lodging until repairs are made.
Stay away from stray animals.

Emergency phone numbers -- fire department, 911; chaplain, 228-377-4859 or 228-377-2111, (after hours, 228-377-2330); command post, 228-377-4330; medical center 24 hour information line 228-376-2550, or 228-377-0500 (emergency room); security forces, 228-377-3040.

Emergency management phone numbers -- Mississippi Emergency Management Agency: (601) 933-6362; MEMA Agency Public Information Hotline: (answered 24 hours per day during an emergency or evacuation) 1-(866) 519-6362. Hancock County: 228-466-8200. Harrison County: 228-865-4002 (Gulfport, Biloxi, Pass Christian), 228-831-0760 (Long Beach). Jackson County: 228-769-3111 (Pascagoula), 228-475-8848 (Moss Point), 228-875-0114 (Ocean Springs).

Coast radio stations -- stay tuned for information and instructions on Keesler's recovery, medical care and emergency assistance for housing, clothing, food, etc.

AM stations -- 1130, WQFX, Biloxi-Gulfport; 1190, WBSL, Bay St. Louis; 1240, WGCM, Gulfport, 1390, WROA, Gulfport-Biloxi; 1490, WXBD, Biloxi; 1580, WZZJ, Pascagoula.

FM stations -- 90.3, PMPB Biloxi; 92.5, WXOR, Ocean Springs-Biloxi-Gulfport; 93.7, WMJY, Biloxi; 94.5, WJZD, Gulfport; 96.7, WUJM, Gulfport; 97.9, WCPR, Gulfport; 99.1, WKNN, Pascagoula-Biloxi-Gulfport; 102.3, WGCM, Gulfport; 103.1, WOSM, Ocean Springs; 105.9, WXRG, Pascagoula-Biloxi-Gulfport; 107.1, WXYK, Gulfport-Biloxi; 107.9, WZKX, Gulfport-Biloxi

Family assistance center -- in the aftermath of a hurricane, information on programs and services for Keesler people may be consolidated in a one-stop family assistance center.