What is the Keesler integrated resource team?

The Keesler Integrated Resource Team consists of representatives from all base helping agencies. It is our version of the Air Force's "IDS" or Integrated Delivery System. Each agency fulfills its own unique purpose in providing support to "Team Keesler." However, when we come together as the KIRT, our mission becomes unified and powerful: we exist to ensure that all Team Keesler needs are identified, addressed, and resolved. We strive to build a strong, flexible, healthy, and resilient Keesler community. We constantly assess the programs we offer to ensure that they are value-added and effective, and that no disconnects in delivery exist. We strive to make our efforts visible by working together to sponsor many base events and activities. KIRT is a shining example of the adage, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." So keep your eyes open for the symbol printed below. Whenever you see it, you can be confident that a diverse team of dedicated, creative individuals have combined their resources and energy to bring you and your family the best programs possible. We respect and value the many sacrifices required of military members and their families and make it our goal to do our best for you.

KIRT 81st TRW Services

Master Resiliency Trainers:

Four MRTs are trained to conduct resiliency training for each First Term Airman Course. MRTs are available to assist commanders, first sergeants, and family members, who experience stressors from high operations tempo and deployments. They are available for commander's calls, spouse meetings, Wingman Day activities, etc. They can facilitate any of the 10 block Air Force Resiliency curriculum to all Keesler community personnel. For active duty and Department of Defense civilians completion of any part of this curriculum will be annotated in ADLS.

Resilience Trainer Assistants:

Will assists MRTs with resiliency training during FTAC, Wingman Day activities and at the discretion of the commander and CSC. At the request of commanders, RTAs are available to instruct squadron personnel on single block components of the Air Force Resiliency curriculum.

Equal Opportunity:

Investigates and process allegations of discrimination and Sexual Harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age (civilians only), and disability (civilians only) for Active Duty, Civilians, AD family members and retirees.

Keesler Chapel Corps:

While serving as a visible reminder of the Holy, the Keesler Chapel Corps provides spiritual care and the opportunity for Team Keesler to exercise their constitutional right to freedom of religion. The Keesler Chapel Corps cares for the religious needs of the Keesler community through numerous Bible studies, worship opportunities, fellowship groups, singles ministries, marriage enrichment opportunities and service organizations, among other programs. The chaplains also provide absolutely confidential, faith-based counseling to all Department of Defense cardholders; military, retirees and dependents.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response:

The SAPR program was created to address issues of sexual assault and to assist sexual assault victims who are a part of the Team Keesler family. Supportive services specifically for sexual assault victims are available so that all needs of the victim, whether these needs are immediate or ongoing, are quickly addressed. The SAPR Program works with military and civilian com-munity agencies in developing and providing educational and preventative programs for Keesler personnel.

KIRT Medical Services

Health Promotions:

The focus of health promotions is healthy living. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved through goal setting and behavior modification. The HAWC offers classes and briefings to the Keesler community on tobacco cessation, weight loss, exercise and overall wellness.

Family Advocacy Program:

FAP serves as the primary intervention in the identification, assessment and treatment of family conflict and maltreatment, with multiple provisions for dealing with relationship and family violence issues if they occur. We provide education, support, and treatment to individuals, couples, and families who want to interact in healthier ways.

Mental Health:

The MH clinic offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for the full spectrum of behavioral health disorders. Individual counseling and group therapy sessions provide assistance in a variety of areas. No referral is required for an initial appointment. Every effort is made to ensure privacy and confidentiality for individuals seeking help.

Alcohol/Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment:

ADAPT provides comprehensive services to individuals who are experiencing problems attributed to substance abuse/misuse. Presently ADAPT serves active duty by offering assessment, intervention, education and rehabilitative services. ADAPT also offers no cost assessments to dependents, retirees and DoD employees and will offer treatment on a space available basis to dependents and retirees.

KIRT Force Support Services

Community Support Coordinator:

Coordinates and integrates efforts of individual prevention and response programs, serving as the focal point for installation resilience programs. Providing guidance on Wingman Day activities and brings together all the CAF domains to help Airmen and their families withstand, recover and/or grow in the face of stressors and changing demands of everyday life. Coordination of services provided the KIRT, base community, and other helping agencies to enhance the resiliency of Keesler personnel may include Air Force Resiliency curriculum, financial classes, stress/anger management, communication skills, relationship enhancement, parenting, deployment support, suicide prevention/outreach, New Parent Support Program, prevention and education on the dangers of substance use, wellness classes, and more.

Airman and Family Services Flight:

FSF serves children, youth, families, and Airmen through the Child Development Center, youth programs, family child care, and Airman & family readiness center. These activities are part of the larger 81st Force Support Squadron. FSS focuses on services designed to maintain the quality of life and high morale and welfare of past and present military families. FSS supports military members through military & civilian personnel, education & training, lodging and dining facilities, library and fitness centers. Leisure and recreational activities are also available across the base and offer opportunities for fun, relaxation and hobbies. Special events, tournaments, and instructional classes are available as well.

Airman & Family Readiness Center:

The AFRC provides information and services to active duty, retirees and family members. Services include Information & Referral, Employment Resource, Volunteer Resource, Family Life Education, Relocation Assistance, Air Force Aid Society, Personal Financial Management, Transition Assistance, and Family Readiness. The Center's Community Readiness Consultants are available to meet the needs of members and commanders in the most effective way.

Youth Services:

Provides youth opportunities to develop their physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills and to experience achievement, leadership, enjoyment, friendship and recognition. Offers school aged care programs.

Child Development Center:

Offers full time care Mon - Fri for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. Immunization and other requirements apply.

Family Child Care:

Air Force licensed childcare providers residing on or near Keesler AFB provide childcare on a full- and part-time basis. Homes are inspected by base agencies and MAJCOM staff and visited by FCC staff monthly.

KIRT 403rd Wing Services

403rd Wing Family Support:

The 403rd Family Support Office here at Keesler has approximately 1420 reservists assigned, to include our 53rd WRS Hurricane Hunters. Our function in the Family Support Office is to ensure the well being of family and friends of activated/deployed reservists by providing information, communication and resources. We help members and their families identify and clarify problems and needs to determine appropriate forms of assistance or resources and provide linkage to those resources.

KIRT Contacts

KIRT consists of representatives from all base helping agencies. We strive to build a strong, flexible, healthy, and resilient Keesler community.



Airman & Family Readiness Center:


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Airman Against Drunk Driving:


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Equal Opportunity:


Family Advocacy Program:


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Family Child Care:


Families Over Coming Under Stress:


Gulfport ANG Family Readiness & Support Services:

 228-214-6018 or 1-866-618-9851

Health and Promotions:


KMC Appointment Line:


KMC Emergency Room:


Legal Office:


Mental Health Clinic:


Military & Family Life Counselor-Adult:


Military & Family Life Counselor-Child/Youth:

228-365-0058, 228-365-8452

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