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Saturday, Oct. 31 (will be limited to 3 hours)

  • 5-6:30 p.m. for members residing at "even numbered" addresses (i.e. 402 Vandenburg Drive)
  • 6:30-8 p.m. for members residing at "odd numbered" addresses (i.e 401 Vandenburg Drive)
  • Cloth face mask wear will be required, in addition to costumes, for all trick-or-treating participants
  • All attempts should be made to maintain 6 ft distance between non-family groups (avoid large groups/bunching up)
  • Trick-or-treat 1-way (against traffic) to minimize contact w/ non-family groups
  • Individuals/families distributing candy distribute at the end of driveway (along sidewalk) not at the door or porch
  • Households encouraged to mark 6 ft distance with chalk or tape to encourage physical distancing
  • Cloth face mask required for persons distributing candy; also request trick-or-treaters sanitize their hands often
  • Vehicle use for trick-or-treating is not allowed
  • Identification will be checked at access points to Thrower Park, East and West Falcon
  • A "Pumpkin Patrol" made up of Amn and Civilian volunteers will be leveraged to advance trick-or-treater safety



For military members, Pre-Travel and Post Travel assessments are mandatory for all travel outside of the state of Mississippi.

Prohibited locations/activities for military members are

  • Bars, nightclubs, etc. where the primary purpose of the location is to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises and/or the member's primary purpose for being at the location is to consume alcohol.

No public or private meetings/gatherings of more than 25 people. 

The wear of cloth face coverings is mandatory in all customer service work centers by all employees and members present in that area. 



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