Command Chief for a Day: SSgt Aaron Farrill

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(This interview is Part 2 of an open-ended series featuring members of Team Keesler selected for the Command Chief for a Day program.)

Chief Master Sgt. Vegas Clark, 81st Training Wing command chief, creates a program called Command Chief for a Day at Keesler highlighting outstanding enlisted performers from around the 81st TRW.

Each Airman selected as the “Command Chief for a Day” will spend the day shadowing Clark to learn what it takes to be a command chief.

This month’s Command Chief for a Day participant is Staff Sgt. Aaron Farrill from the 81st Contracting Squadron.

How do you contribute to the 81st TRW mission?


In addition to being the Unit Training Manager at the 81st CONS, I am also a contract specialist. I contribute to the mission by providing contracting support to the wing and tenant units. I buy items that our customers require in order to accomplish their mission, such as medical items and equipment. As for the UTM duties, I track, implement and schedule contracting specific training that helps to train and develop our next generation of contracting professionals.


What is one thing you hope to accomplish while at Keesler?


My main goal in my remaining time at Keesler is to ensure the people I am leaving behind are postured and trained to continue to provide the best contracting support available. I want to leave things better than I found them.


What has been your biggest lesson learned in the Air Force?


The biggest lesson I have learned in the Air Force up to this point has been to commit yourself and believe in the system. Sometimes people blame the Air Force for things that they could have controlled or vice versa. If you commit yourself and give 100 percent, then more times than not, things will turn out for the best.


Who inspires you?


My father is one of my biggest inspirations and someone I strive to be like.  He is currently a chief master sergeant stationed at Scott AFB, Ill. and is someone I hope to be like one day.


What is your number one goal?


My number one goal is to become a commissioned officer in the greatest Air Force the world has ever known. I recently earned my bachelor’s degree and am focused on the next step in my career.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


In 10 year’s time I see myself as being either a contracting superintendent or squadron commander. I was able to get my Community College of the Air Force and BA degree in my first five years in the service and planning on adding a master’s degree within the next two-three years. My vision is to take advantage of the many career opportunities that the Air Force provides so I can be an inspiration to others.  

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