CNATTU Keesler named 2016 Navy Community Service Campaign Drug Free Flagship winner

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  • By Electronics Technician 1st Class Tommy McGuire
  • Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit Keesler
The Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit (CNATTU) Keesler was recognized as the Medium Shore Command winner of the 2016 Navy Community Service Campaign Drug Free Flagship Award onboard Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi, March 16.

CNATTU Commanding Officer Cmdr. Timothy Knapp presented a plaque to CNATTU Keesler Volunteer Coordinator Electronics Technician 1st Class Christopher Schmidt and Volunteer Event Specific Coordinator Aerographer's Mate 1st Class Travis Muth during the ceremony, both of whom spearheaded the command's efforts.

"The award represents a major accomplishment on behalf of the staff here," said Knapp. "It's very humbling to be recognized across the Navy."

The Campaign Drug Free program is designed to strengthen the local community through education, promotion of health and fitness, encouragement of alternatives to drug use and the promotion of anti-drug lifestyles.

CNATTU Keesler Sailors contributed more than 2,700 volunteer hours in 2016, with nearly 1,400 of those directly involving three Biloxi, Mississippi, area schools' youth education programs and addressing the dangers of drug use to hundreds of students. Additional programs and activities were created to promote responsible use of alcohol to Sailors, Marines, and Airmen onboard Keesler Air Force Base.

"Our volunteer program is a good opportunity for our younger Sailors and Marines to learn some work-life balance and give them a positive outlet for their energies," Knapp said. "This particular program is comprised of both Navy and Marine staff and students. One of the benefits of being a Navy command on an Air Force base is that programs such as this further allow Sailors to be immersed in the joint environment."

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