Keesler issues new drone guidance

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jenay Randolph
  • 81st Training Wing Public Affairs

Recently, new guidance was issued for flying drones in Keesler’s airspace.


According to the updated guidance, there is a Federal Aviation Administration temporary flight restriction placed over Keesler AFB that prohibits any and all unmanned aircraft system operations over the base even when the airfield is closed, without prior coordination.


“There was no temporary flight restrictions in place prior to the new guidance,” explained Tech. Sgt. Blaine Caudill, 81st Operations Support Flight assistant chief controller. “You were able to fly over Keesler below 400 feet above ground level once the airfield closed and became Class G airspace, which has now changed.”

Recreational UAS operations are prohibited on the base as well, to include the housing area.


In order to fly a UAS within Keesler's Class D Airspace, email a request to including name, contact number, FAA registration number, date and time of operation, location with GPS coordinates or street and intersections, altitude in feet, type of operation and reason for request at least a day in advance.


Also, to fly a UAS on and over Keesler AFB properly, fill out a Keesler AFB Form 60 and send it to for approval. Please allow at least three days for coordination.


“With the current FAA Temporary Flight Restriction in place over Keesler, it is important for individuals to know this guidance prior to operating drones in restricted airspace,” said Caudill. “The consequences can range from base security forces confiscating the drone and apprehending the user to the U.S. government pursuing criminal charges, including charges under Title 49.”

If you have any further questions about drones at Keesler, contact Maj. Sam Walker, 81st Operations Support Flight commander, at (228) 377-5460 or D. Scott Wilson at (210) 652-5539.


For more information on the new guidance released, visit the FAA website at