Stay safe during hurricane season

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  • By Airman 1st Class Suzanna Plotnikov
  • 81st Training Wing Public Affairs

In Mississippi, the official hurricane season is between June 1 and Nov. 30 each year, which makes it important to know what the different weather warnings mean and what precautions to take.

As weather conditions change, the base will issue weather updates through the AtHoc notification system, ‘giant voice’, social media platforms and the base app.

According to the website,, floods are the most common and widespread of all natural disasters, outside of fire. A flood watch is when a flood is possible and a flood warning means that it is occurring or it will occur soon.

Do not walk in rushing water that is more than 6 inches deep. Six inches of fast-moving water can knock someone off of their feet. Two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles, including SUVs and pickups.

Officials at a national weather forecasting agency issue a tornado watch when conditions are favorable for the formation of a tornado and a tornado warning is given when a tornado has been sighted by weather radar.

If a tornado occurs, personnel should go to their designated tornado Shelter-In-Place room or a windowless room at the lowest level of their home or facility, get under a piece of sturdy furniture and protect their head and neck with their arms.

The National Hurricane Center issues a hurricane watch when there is a threat of hurricane conditions within 48 hours or less, and a hurricane warning when hurricane conditions are expected in 36 hours or less. When a hurricane warning occurs, take refuge in a small interior room, closet or hallway of a home or facility.

In case of a hurricane, the base will declare escalating HURCONs, which are Hurricane Conditions.

HURCON 5: Destructive winds are possible within 96 hours

HURCON 4: Destructive winds are possible within 72 hours

HURCON 3: Destructive winds are possible within 48 hours

HURCON 2: Destructive winds are anticipated within 24 hours

HURCON 1: Destructive winds are anticipated within 12 hours

An important step to prepare for the Gulf Coast’s extreme weather is to make an emergency supply kit and develop an emergency plan. The kit should contain enough food, water and safety items to sustain each person in the home for at least three days.

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