Cooking event builds team connection, resiliency

  • Published
  • By Airman Seth Haddix
  • 81st Training Wing Pubic Affairs

A Dorm to Gourmet cooking class was held at the McBride Commons Sept. 5 to teach Airmen cooking skills they can use in the dorms.

Airman 1st Class Baron Chansomphou, 81st Communications Squadron client systems technician, put the event together to strengthen the Keesler Air Force Base community.

“We are not like any other job,” said Chansomphou. “We are more of a community that must bond with one another. Working together helps the Air Force mission and strengthening Airmen relationships brings us together. The Air Force wants to prevent Airmen from going down a dark path. We want them to interact and communicate with other Airmen to help prevent that.”

Staff Sgt. Roz Beeston, Second Air Force enlisted aid, taught more than 10 Airmen how to cook various foods. They learned different cooking techniques they can apply at home as well as in the dorms.

“Connecting with other Airmen builds resiliency,” said Beeston. “It helps Airmen find others to lean on and to bond with.”

Keesler used the event as a way to enhance resiliency in the Air Force through a fun medium.

“The event was interactive and very enjoyable,” said Beeston. “I hoped the Airmen learned something valuable and the Keesler community continues to build resiliency through more events.”

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