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What does the inspector general do?


The inspector general office has two primary roles and one of them is inspecting all the units on base. The Air Force inspection system side of the inspector general conducts vertical and horizontal inspections of different units around the base.

During vertical inspections, the inspector general looks up and down a specific unit to ensure they are maintaining Air Force standards.

Horizontal inspections look into general bylaws and operations of all base units. The base-wide exercises are ran by the inspector general office and are considered horizontal inspections.   

“Our job is to make sure all units are meeting the standards,” said Lt. Col. Jerry Hambright, 81st Training Wing inspector general. “If they are not, we identify the areas and allow the commander to manage it.”  

The other role of the inspector general is to serve as an ear for the complaints Airmen or other base personnel may have. If an individual feels like they are being misrepresented in their work space the inspector general assists in pointing them to an agency that can help. If no agency can help the inspector general will work to resolve the complaint.

The inspector general directly deals with restriction and reprisal cases. Restriction is defined as attempting to prevent someone from making lawful communication with the inspector general. Reprisal is taking or threatening to take unfavorable action against a military member because they made a protected communication visit to the inspector general.

“If you have nowhere else to go, the inspector general will get you on the right path,” said Hambright.

Members should attempt to resolve all problems within their own chain of command before contacting the inspector general, however, Airman of all ranks, civilian employees, family members and retirees may file a complaint.

To file a complaint, complete the AF Form 102 and send it to the inspector general office via email or dropping it off.

Complaints should be filed within a year of the alleged wrongdoing with only factual and relevant information to the investigating authorities. All statements submitted within Air Force channels to the inspector general are considered official statements.

Complainant right includes the right to request withdrawal of their complaint in writing, submit complaints anonymously and request whistleblower protection.  

“We are the keeper of the standards of the Air Force,” said Hambright.

If you need to file a complaint or have any questions, contact the inspector general office at (228) 377-3010 or email 81TRW.IG@us.af.mil.