Teaching comprehensive combat care

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Kimberly L. Mueller
  • 81st Training Wing Public Affairs

Members of the 81st Medical Group have been training in new evidence based, life saving techniques and strategies to provide the best trauma care possible on the battlefield.

The Tactical Combat Casualty Care training offers more hands-on training in a simulated deployed environment, initially taking place at the Naval Construction Battalion Center soccer field. The transportation of materials, mannequins and personnel to the center led to complications in scheduling, leading to the application for moving training to an unused facility.

“We’ve been using the Locker House for about a year,” said Brad Belford, 81st MDG simulation operator. “We’re really appreciative of the 81st Training Wing for allowing us to use this building, because without the space this program wouldn’t be nearly as successful.”

With TCCC approved to use the new location, they implemented fog machines, war sounds and lights and screams to the training. The sounds added to the training echo off the brick of the building to create a more effective environment.

“TCCC teaches our Airmen care under fire, tactical field care and tactical evacuation care, which will better prepare them to identify and treat wounds more effectively while putting themselves and their patient in less compromising positions on the battlefield,” said Senior Airman Brock Mauldin, 81st Medical Support Squadron TCCC site coordinator.

TCCC has begun to replace Self Aid Buddy Care, consisting of online training and a quick hands on session, across the Air Force.

“There have been numerous cases where some of our troops have died from wounds that shouldn’t have been fatal because the people they were with didn't have the medical knowledge,” said Mauldin. “This training helps keep our wounded warriors alive to come home to their families.”

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