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Dockens wins DOD award

Mr. Dockens

Mr. Dockens

KEESLER AIR FORCE BASE, Miss. -- John Dockens, 81st Mission Support Squadron, has earned  Air Education and Training Command's 2007 Outstanding Department of Defense Employee with a Disability Award. 

Mr. Dockens won the honor by directing the daily operation of two complex local area networks despite being a quadriplegic. 

He's responsible for more than 20 different types of software packages, 7,000 feet of cabling that connects 16 bridge interfaces with more than 125 personal computers and services to more than 250 users. 

He also manages the 81st Mission Support Group's small computer operations and functions as the liaison between system users and network managers to solve computer-related problems. 

Mr. Dockens is responsible for advising the squadron commander on all matters concerning system degradation, capabilities and initiatives. 

When several printers connected to the 81st MSS network started to arbitrarily lose their connection, he combed through software programs to isolate the problem. Not only did he determine where the program error was, he developed an on-the-spot fix and forwarded the solution to other base administrators to correct their systems, too.
Mr. Dockens conducted Microsoft Windows and MS-Office training for more than 150 users and received an "outstanding" rating from each one. 

His other duties include analyzing, testing and evaluating computer software packages and using the results to determine whether the software is adequate for intended applications. 

As the squadron's computer system security officer, he ensures all software, hardware and Privacy Act information is used for official purposes only. He also ensures all personal computers within the squadron have the most current virus detection programs installed. 

During a recent inspection by the 81st Training Wing's computer system security officer, his program received an "outstanding" rating.
Mr. Dockens has also earned Novell Systems administrator certification and is authorized to provide support for those networks.