Dragon Corner

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Brad McAlpine, Master Sgt. Luke Darche
  • 335th Training Squadron
The 81st Training Wing's primary mission is to train Airmen and some of those Airmen are the newest additions to our team. Each week approximately 150 new Airmen arrive here from basic training at Lackland Air Force Base. During their time at basic military training they have learned the basics of becoming an Airman, but we have further responsibility to continue that development right here as they complete their initial skills training. Today, we are going to talk about some basic standards we enforce with our Airmen in order to continue instilling respect and responsibility into their lives throughout their training.

One of the most basic things we continue working to develop in our Airmen is the culture of respect in their interactions with our permanent party personnel and our retired personnel. Everyone has the opportunity to talk to our Airmen daily, and I highly encourage you to do so. As you talk to these young Airmen, please understand their requirements in how they address you within the training areas and during the training day to instill the appropriate standards in our next generation of Airmen.

The reporting procedures are derived from Air Education and Training Command Instruction 36-2216 and are very specific. When our Airmen approach you or you approach them they should do the following:

1. Assume the position of attention and will use specific rank, and last name to open a conversation. (They will address civilian staff personnel as either "Mr. /Ms." or "Sir/Ma'am.)
2. Once acknowledged, Airman will assume the position of parade rest (unless addressing an officer, then they must remain at attention until given permission otherwise)
3. Use "Sir/Ma'am" or any proper term of address (such as, "Sergeant" or "Chief") throughout the remainder of the conversation.
4. Airmen must return to the position of attention after the conversation and execute a proper facing movement when departing.

This is a very simple, but crucial, procedure to instill proper customs and courtesies in our nation's newest Airmen. But another issue that is related to proper reporting procedures is critically important and almost impossible to track without your help, and that is the use of cell phones.

This is an increasingly connected generation, wanting to have cell phones in their hand all the time to check various social media sites, play games or operate a myriad of other applications available on today's devices. However, our newest Airmen are still learning the rules when it comes to electronic devices, much as many of us, so they face stricter controls on the use of these devices. When and where can an Airman use an electronic device?

Airmen in training have specific requirements for when they are allowed to use their electronic device.

1. Usage by training Airmen is not authorized during the duty day, unless special arrangements have been made to address a personal, medical, or legal issue.
2. An Airmen's training day does not end with the playing of retreat, but is officially over when the Airman has been addressed at final formation, or spoken with their military training leader for an end-of-day brief.
3. Once their duty day ends, the Airmen can utilize electronic devices in the same ways as the rest of us, both in uniform and out. This means going back to AFI 36-2903 governing dress and appearance, which we should all know and understand.

I enjoy talking to our Airmen each day and relish the opportunity to do so, but enforcement of standards to our newest Airmen is everyone's responsibility. Please continue to help us develop the culture of respect necessary to continue making this the greatest Air Force ever seen in the world! Thank you for everything you do each day!