A legacy to look forward to

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Patrick Higby
  • 81st Training Wing commander
Take a stroll around Keesler. Everywhere you look, you'll see our heritage on display with plaques honoring those before us: Chief Master Sgt. Etchberger Way, The Levitow Training Support Facility and our base's namesake, Samuel Keesler, all have a mighty legacy of their own. Now, after 74 years, we can add another legacy to our base's important history - The Keesler News.

Since its first publication in 1941, the base paper evolved from a single page in a daily local newspaper to a full-featured, award-winning publication. The countless news stories and features told within these pages over the years show an accurate reflection of an ever-changing Air Force, Keesler, and the world. From deployments, homecomings, hurricanes and the endless celebrations of accomplishments, the printed Keesler Newspaper was right there, delivering the goods; a reliable dependable source you could always count on. 

But just like policies, lifestyles and technologies have evolved over the years, so have our ways to reach out and get the news. There are so many more choices than before to how to get timely and tailored news delivered, and the evolution is just starting. Although there will no longer be a printed version of the Keesler News, saying that it's gone is inaccurate. We are constantly striving to innovate and create, and as a result the Keesler News will be carrying on in a robust, accessible and modern digital format. The Air Force has always been at the forefront of innovation - we are trailblazers and history-makers - and we will always continue to look ahead while embracing how we got there.

As we continue to progress, we cannot forget, because the legacies of what came before lay the groundwork for what's to come.

Every Airman has a story. And the next generation of the Keesler News is simply the next chapter in that story.

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