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  • Just Breathe

    “Breathe . . . just breathe Holly.” That was the last thing I told myself before walking into the doctor's room at the pediatric clinic on Ramstein Air Base in Germany. When I was growing up my favorite television shows were always centered on crime scene investigation. So when I joined the Air Force as a photographer in 2011 and was told by my technical school instructors I would learn how to take alert photos I was the happiest Airman on earth.
  • Valentine's Day love story

    This Valentine’s Day we would like to celebrate the love of two Keesler couples. Below is the story of retired Master Sgt. Kenneth Flynn, an EMSEC instructor. Kenneth Flynn met his wife while he was stationed at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany in October 1983. Flynn was 22 at the time and his now wife, who was born and raised in Thailand, was 18. She