'Nutrition Month' promotes healthier living

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Trevion Jones
  • 333rd Training Squadron
Close your eyes and take a moment to think of what consumes your fridge, pantry and cabinets at home. Continue that thought to what you had for breakfast this morning or any of your meals yesterday. How nutritious would you rate your options from 1 to 10? Not the perfect score? During the month of March, Keesler is preparing to take that number and convert it to maximum points that'll lead to a new you.

In celebration of National Nutrition Month, Keesler's Health and Wellness Center has taken the initiative to get the Keesler family back on track with fitness and diet goals by showing easier and more cost effective options to living a healthy lifestyle. National Nutrition Month is fully underway with interactive story times, booths, commissary tours and classes.

People who are looking for online resources can refer to My Plate (www.choosemyplate.gov), an initiative from the United States Department of Agriculture that guides healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices. "The 'Get Your Plate in Shape' theme for National Nutrition Month is a perfect way to highlight the new USDA "My Plate" icon, as well as to promote healthier food choices" said Stephanie McCann, dietician at HAWC.

For the remainder of the month of March, the HAWC is sponsoring several events that will bring nutrition to the eyes of Keesler.

March 21 5:30-7 p.m. -- Commissary tour

March 23 10 a.m.-1 p.m. -- Commissary nutrition booth

March 26 3-4:30 p.m. -- Healthy weight class at the HAWC

Also, members who eat in the hospital dining facility will find healthy meal menus, recipes and the chance to participate in "Nutrition Madness", a spin-off of March Madness, for the chance to win prizes. McCann states, "Since more than 68% of adult Americans are either overweight or over fat, controlling calorie intake and boosting activity levels have become critical issues. March is also a great month to schedule a bod pod, body composition appointment at the HAWC."

The HAWC's nutrition month goals are to be proactive in physical activity and change personal menus to more nutritious meals. My Plate supports a healthy means to feeling and looking great. This new chart offers a simple way to understand portion control by showing what should be on your plate during each meal. The site provides tips of eating healthier through its 10 Tips Nutrition Education Series, showcasing sample menus and recipes and introducing Super Tracker, a program that allows you to analyze, plan and track your diet and physical activity.

These events are provided to help Keesler members become "fit to fight" and get their plates in shape,. For more information or to make an appointment, call (228) 376-3170 or visit www.keesler.af.mil/units/keeslerhawc.asp.