NCO manages technical communication needs

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With its mission complete, the men and women of Kapisa Provincial Reconstruction Team are returning home to their friends, family and loved ones this July after serving in Afghanistan for nine months in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Among these men and women is Tech. Sgt. Andrew Archer, Kapisa Provincial Reconstruction Team communications noncommissioned officer deployed from the 81st Training Support Squadron.

Sergeant Archer served as part of the civil-military team comprised of more than 100 personnel including active-duty Air Force, Air Force Reserve, active duty Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard, Kentucky Argi-business Development team, local national interpreters, and civilians from the U.S. Department of State, Agency for International Development, Department of Agriculture and Army Corps of Engineers.

As the communications NCO, Sergeant Archer worked to manage and provide all technical communication needs in support of the PRT's mission.

"With such an intricate mission, we relied significantly on each other's individual expertise and contribution to the mission," said Lt. Col. Michael Sierco, Kapisa PRT commander from Bowie, Md. "It's been an honor working with such a dedicated group of servicemen and women."

"Their persistence supported our team's commitment to unify the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Task Force LaFayette, Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police toward a common goal of increasing stability throughout the region to improve the lives of the local population and provide a better, more prosperous future free of insurgent influence for themselves and their families," said Colonel Sierco.

Throughout its nine-month deployment, Kapisa PRT's mission focused on assisting the Afghan government in providing a secure, stable environment for reconstruction efforts by increasing Kapisa government officials' capabilities and capacities.

"To achieve this, Kapisa PRT focused on connecting GIRoA officials to the local population," said Colonel Sierco. "By collaborating closely with them, we were able to coordinate
development projects that employed local workers and used local resources -- improving quality of life thought out the province."

Since October, the combined efforts of all the men and women of PRT Kapisa have contributed to the completion of two courthouses in the Tagab and Nijrab district centers; three schools built to accommodate the education of more than 2,000 children; 120 kilometers of road expansion; and the reconstruction of a bridge allowing the safe travel of more than 2,000 vehicles a day.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the PRT and provincial leadership with these development initiatives, the situation here within Kapisa has steadily improved.

Each road paved the way for new local commerce capabilities; each school expanded educational opportunities for the future generations; and each courthouse strengthened rule of law amongst the local communities.

"We did not win this war on our watch; however, it is gratifying to see a fledgling democracy survive and develop," said Army Maj. Anthony Killa, Kapisa PRT executive officer and operations officer .