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  • Active learning environment cleared for takeoff in ATC classroom

    In a classroom at Cody Hall, something unique is happening.  The students are turning the classroom upside down, inside out and the other way around.  Why?  So students will have a better understanding of one of the toughest courses in the Air Force, Air Traffic Control. Instead of the instructor standing and lecturing for hours, the students are
  • Airman flies into a new adventure

    It isn’t often after 14 years, Airmen find themselves starting a new career. However, on Feb. 27, a master sergeant from Keesler learned that he would be doing just that. Originally an air traffic controller, Master Sgt. Brian Cloutier, 81st Training Wing protocol NCO in charge, has been selected to become an enlisted remotely piloted aircraft
  • Air traffic control instructors use CPI to keep Airmen focused

    Each Air Force member is briefed on mental health and how to detect mental health issues in their wingmen but for some personnel, they may not really see just how beneficial the training is until they need to use it.The 334th Training Squadron, with the help of the Mental Health Clinic, implemented its own mental health briefings tailored for air