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Course Length: 4 Weeks/40 Hours

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CCAF credits: 1

Course Contact: 81st TRSS/TSF, Mr. Craig Edwards, Comm: 228-377-5401 / DSN: 597-5401 or Mr. Jeffrey Edge, Comm: 228-377-0991 / DSN: 597-0991

Course Description:

AOL is delivered fully online and is exclusively asynchronous (no live virtual sessions). The course contains reading and assignment requirements through six units that are due on specific days of the week. The average workload is about 10 hours of work per week. The course guides students through the key elements in the decision-making process as they analyze the different components involved in determining which modality or instructional strategy will best serve the needs of the courses they are involved with. Topics covered include; Initiating a Plan, Training Delivery Options, Key Stakeholders, Rationale for the Selection Process, and Selecting the Modalities. Skills and knowledge obtained from AOL will contribute to an overall understanding of what is involved in the decision-making process when one considers converting resident training to the online or blended learning format.

This course is available through 81st TRSS/TSF via distance learning (myLearning). The course has numerous assignments and completion deadlines; therefore, students should not be on TDY status or simultaneously enrolled in another course which would impact their ability to meet assignment deadlines. Supervisors should consider this commitment prior to enrollment in the course. If a conflict may arise, please consider an alternate enrollment date.

Enrollment Procedures:

Students must contact their Unit Training Manager (UTM) for official course requests. UTMs must forward scheduling requests to the "81TRSS/FacD Scheduling" organizational inbox in the global address list (GAL) or

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Training Location: myLearning 

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