Keesler is home to the 81st Training Wing, the base's host wing, as well as 2nd Air Force, the 403d Wing, 85th Engineering Installation Squadron and the Mathies NCO Academy.

Below are links to information about the many different units on base.

81st Training Wing

The 81st Training Wing is in a constant state of transition as it seeks excellence in all we do. It is comprised of several Wing Staff agencies and 3 large Groups of Squadrons. The Groups are: the 81st Training Group, 81st Medical Group, and the 81st Mission Support Group.

The 81st Training Wing is an important link in the chain through Second Air Force established by Headquarters Air Education and Training Command, Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. Our largest training mission is to take young men and women, many fresh from basic military training, and teach them skills to benefit the nation and the Air Force as well as our sister services and foreign countries.

Keesler also does advanced training for doctors, nurses, and technicians in medical specialties.

85th EIS

Keesler AFB is also the home of the 85th Engineering Installation Squadron (EIS), of the 688th Cyberspace Wing (CW), which is the Air Force's only active duty EIS. The almost 200 AFSPC Airmen and Civilians of the 85th EIS can design, engineer, and install the full range of C&I equipment and components typically found at a fixed site and other specialty systems unique to expeditionary forces.
They are also the only organization in the DoD to provide specialized engineering services such as electromagnetic hazard and interference investigations and High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) protection. During contingencies, the 85th EIS can deliver their unique skills to the warfighter within 72 hours - anywhere in the world, which is why their motto is, "With Pride, Worldwide!"

Mathies Noncommissioned Officers Academy

The Mathies Noncommissioned Officer Academy is the second phase in the journey of transforming Noncommissioned Officers into world class leaders.  Named after Staff Sergeant Archibald Mathies, a Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, the academy hosts approximately 980 students per year.  Our mission started in 1995 and continues to focus on educating Noncommissioned Officers so they may lead and manage future generations of Airmen and is reflected in our motto, “In to Learn, Out to Lead.”

second air force

The Second Air Force mission is to provide the best-trainined, combat-ready forces! To carry out this mission, Second Air Force manages all operational aspects of nearly 2,700 active training courses taught to approximately 150,000 students annually in technical training, basic military training, medical and distance learning courses. Training operations across Second Air Force range from intelligence to computer operations to space and missile operations and maintenance.

Courses are primarily taught at four resident training wings - Keesler; Goodfellow, Lackland and Sheppard Air Force Bases, Texas; and a training group located at Vandenberg AFB, California. Aside from the resident bases, Second Air Force operates 92 training detachments around the world, which provide advanced aircraft maintenance continuation training.

Headquarters Second Air Force accomplishes its mission through the work in four main arenas: Joint Expeditionary Tasking, Mission Support, Staff Judge Advocate and Safety.

403rd Wing

The 403rd Wing is the largest flying organization at Keesler, and the only Air Force Reserve Command wing in Mississippi. With a military manning authorization of more than 1,400 reservists, including 250 full-time air reserve technicians, the wing performs dual missions: tactical airlift support during peace- and war-time contingencies, and aerial weather reconnaissance supporting the Department of Commerce.