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  • Environmental Retoration

    The purpose of the Environmental Restoration Program is to identify, remediate, and restore any condition which poses a risk to human health and/or the environment. Between 1987 and 1995, 57 sites were identified as potential hazardous waste sites at Keesler. These sites included old landfills, waste piles, and UST sites, petroleum sites, an
  • Information, Tickets and Travel

    Vandenberg Community Center (Triangle Area) Keesler AFB MS Phone: (228) 377-3818Services Provided: Discount tickets -- Available for numerous attractions and events in a six state area. Check with us before taking a trip to Disney World. Armed Forces Vacation Club -- Big savings on travel accommodations. An opportunity to spend 7 nights and 8 days
  • Veterans - Service-Connected Disability Benefits for Military Retirees

    Upon retirement military retirees should submit their service-connected disability benefit application directly to the Veterans Affairs Regional Office (VARO) in their state of residency. For information on all Veterans Affairs Benefits - retirees/family members should call 1-800-827-1000 (same for each state) for assistance.Current Receipt
  • Temporary Lodging Facility (Inns of Keesler)

    Tyer House, Bldg 470 Fisher StreetKeesler AFB MS Reservations and front desk: 377-4900 Services Provided: Retirees and eligible family members can arrange for temporary lodging (when available) 24 hours in advance of their arrival at Keesler AFB or other bases. To make reservations, call 377-4900 or go to dodlodging.net
  • Air Force Aid Society

    Bldg - Hanger 2, 700 Hanger Road, Room 117 Keesler AFB MS (228) 377-2179 Toll-Free: 1-800-732-2984, ext 2179 Services Provided: Air Force retirees and eligible family members are authorized to make their emergency needs known to the Air Force Aid Society. Retired members of sister services are eligible for assistance from their component service.
  • Driving Directions to Keesler

    DRIVING DIRECTIONS FROM I-10: 1. 1. From I-10 turn onto I-110 South. 2. From I-110 South approximately 3.0 miles take a right on US-90 West. 3. From US-90 West approximately 1.5 miles take a right on White Avenue. 4. Stay on White Avenue until you reach Keesler's main gate. ---------------------------------------------------------------VIEW LARGER
  • History Of Keesler Air Force Base

    Early Development: 1941 - 1949In early January 1941, Biloxi city officials assembled a formal offer to invite the U.S. Army Corps to build a base to support the WWII training buildup. The package included an early airport, the old Naval Reserve Park, and parts of Oak Park sufficient to support a technical training school with a population of 5,200