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Safety Office

81st Training Wing Safety Office
The Keesler Air Force Base Wing Safety office conducts an overall mishap prevention program for the welfare of every member of the Keesler community. The program covers ground, flight, traffic and explosives safety. The safety office assists and advises on safety matters to maintain compliance with Federal and Department of Defense regulations.

Mishap Investigation and Reporting
The safety office is responsible for investigating and reporting all mishaps to the fullest extent. All on and off duty military mishaps must be reported to the safety office using AETC Form 435 and routed through the immediate supervisor and unit safety representative. Civilians who experience a mishap while on duty must fill out all appropriate forms, to include the AETC Form 435, with their supervisor and send it to their unit safety representative.

Education and Training
The safety office conducts a variety of different courses at Keesler. 
--Supervisor Safety Training is taught to both military and civilians who are in a supervisor role.
--Traffic Safety Course I, Introductory Traffic Safety, is taught to all non-prior service members at Keesler for technical training.
--Course II, Local Conditions Course, is taught to all personnel at Keesler who are here for more than 30 days.
--Course III, Traffic Safety Training, is taught to all first term Airmen who are stationed at Keesler. 

The safety office also provides motorcycle safety training for all motorcycle riders on the installation.
--Course IVA, Initial Training, is for all new riders.
--Course IVB is offered as a refresher course for riders. Completion of either of the courses awards the rider with an MSF Card.

Office Information
Keesler's safety office is located in Building 233, room 208
DSN: 597-2915 
Commercial 228-377-2915

Office Hours:
7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

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