What is the Fishbowl:

The Fishbowl is the place where all Airmen in the triangle can come to relax, study, hang out, play, and socialize.  It is also the hub of the White Rope program. As a White Rope, Airmen will develop servant leadership skills through: facilitating the opening, daily activities, and closing of the Fishbowl; volunteer events such as the Fisher house, Habitat for Humanity, and Special Olympics; participation in religious services offered around the base.

Fishbowl Hours:

Monday- Thursday                   1830-2100
Training (Up) Friday                 1830-2300
Non-Training (Down) Friday     1300-2300
Saturday                                   1000-2300
Sunday                                     1300-1700

Fishbowl Chaplain Staff:

• Chaplain (Captain) Winford

• Chaplain (Captain) Ebhodaghe

• Staff Sergeant Whittier

• Airman 1st Class Gonzales


Video Games
Board Games
Music room
Meditation Room