2022 TMO Peak Season Tips

MAY 1 – 30 SEP 2022
During the 2021 peak moving season, all regions of the United States experienced extreme industry/Transportation Service Provider (TSP) shortages making the availability to service Household Good (HHG) shipments critically limited. The commercial industry expectations for the 2022 peak season are projected to be the same or worse. Keesler AFB TMO in conjunction with the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office South Central (JPPSO-SC) maximizes efforts to service mover’s needs but we are all at the mercy of the commercial industry.  We would like to offer these tips and reminders for you to be successful during your relocation.
1.  Do not wait. Time is crucial during the peak season.  As soon as you have your orders in hand please log into militaryonesource.mil click on “DPS, PCS & Military Moves”.  You can complete all of your move requests on DPS and upload and sign documents.  This is the fastest route to completing your request.  First time movers, retirees and Separatees must visit TMO for assistance.
2.  Consider a PPM. If you are relocating to a stateside location, we strongly encourage you to consider moving your own property by completing a Personally Procured Move.  In 2020, the DoD increased incentives for those that choose to move their own property.  This method, while does take some effort, can be quite beneficial.
3.  Plan, Plan, Plan. Proper planning is key to ensuring your move is successful.  Start planning early and continue to revisit your plan prior to your move. A clean and organized home is the initial step for a successful move.
4.  Never schedule a household good pickup or delivery on the same day as your housing inspection, prior to receiving your keys, or any other situation where you cannot be available the entire day.  You will be financially responsible for the costs of pickup/delivery attempts. 
5.  7 calendar day pickup date spread flexibility. In 2021, USTRANSCOM instituted a mandatory date spread for all contracted moves (excluding Non-Temporary Storage).  This has now become a standard for all future military moves regardless of the time of year.  You will enter/request a pickup date but must be flexible within a 7 consecutive calendar day window.  Specific requested dates cannot be guaranteed by our office or JPPSO-SC. 
6.  Please be patient with your local TMO. We promise to do what we can to service your moving needs.  COVID and labor shortages within the industry have extremely limited our options but we will exhaust all efforts to help you achieve a smooth move.  
7.  Complete your Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS). Your voice counts. After receiving your delivery at destination, you are asked to complete a CSS survey within 7 days. The CSS is the primary source of data that is used in determining the performance portion of each TSP. You, as a customer, can assist in improving the quality of personal property moves. Your opinion counts and every completed survey enhances the program.
8.  TMO contact numbers/email. If you have questions about your move, please contact 228-376-8531/8532/8533/8535/8527/8737 or email us at 81lrs.tmf@us.af.mil.