Military & Family Readiness Flight

The Military & Family Readiness Flight provides targeted support and services, contributing to the mission readiness, resiliency and well-being of the military community. 

In consultation with installation leadership and the supported population, we provide a personal and family readiness foundation for a variety of information, referrals and services for service members and their families that constitutes broad Community Readiness Service Delivery. 

The core programs consists of: 

  • Air Force Aid Society
  • Air Force Families Forever
  • Casualty/Survivor Benefit
  • Deployment planning/support
  • Employment assistance/volunteer resources
  • Exceptional family member support 
  • Installation Voting Office 
  • Personal financial readiness skills
  • Personal and work life skills development (Key Spouse/Heart Link)
  • Relocation assistance
  • Transition assistance
  • Wounded, ill and injured support services
  • Support to the community before, during and after disaster, crisis, and/or evacuation situations as appropriate. 

Dedicated staff are eager to assist in two locations:  Sablich Center, Room 110 for permanent party/family members and retirees. The Levitow Building (Triangle area) for Airman in Training and their families with an emphasis on relocation to their first permanent duty station.   

A monthly calendar is published which highlights all scheduled workshops and briefings and may be found on the Discover Keesler website, and on the Keesler AFB Military & Family Readiness Center Facebook page. 

Interested individuals may register by calling (228) 376-8728 during normal duty hours.