DRIVE Program

  • By Dr. Lynn Soots

The Develop, Redistribute, Improve, Vault, Expose (DRIVE) program aims to place Airmen and Guardians who are medically discharged with unique skills into historically hard to fill civilian positions across the Air Force and Space Force, benefiting the individual and the career field.

Every year, the Air Force and Space Force medically separate thousands of Airmen and Guardians who have already been vetted and exposed to the Air and Space Force cultures. These Airmen and Guardians already possess security clearances and some even brought with them higher education degrees, certifications and previous work experience.

Introduced in 2020, the 737th Training Support Squadron used the DRIVE program to transition trainees who were medically disqualified to civilian positions. Joint Base San Antonio - Lackland, Texas has now developed a two-day course where DRIVE candidates learn interview skills, how to use writing software and write a resume.

Hiring managers that may have entry-level direct hiring authority (DHA) for Air Force Civilian jobs that can be filled with DRIVE Candidates should contact Ken Journey, (210) 787-7195. 

DRIVE Program Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What does DRIVE stand for?

Develop, Redistribute, Improve, Vault, Expose

  1. Why DRIVE?

The DRIVE program provides a pathway for medically disqualified Basic Military Training (BMT) Trainees, Air Force Specialty Career Technical Schools, and College ROTC Cadets to obtain civilian employment by filling positions that have been difficult to fill. Thousands of trainees and Cadets are medically disqualified each year through no fault of their own. This gives them an opportunity to serve in a civilian capacity and allows the Air Force to fill hard to fill vacancies.  Win/win! 

  1. Where do DRIVE applicants come from?

They are referred to AFPC by the DRIVE Program Manager at BMT and ROTC Leaderships, after being found medically disqualified to serve on active duty.

  1. What qualifications do DRIVE candidates have to offer?

The experience and education of our DRIVE applicants vary from high school graduates with minimal experience to college graduates with extensive experience.

  1. Who can hire DRIVE applicants?

Career Fields with Direct Hiring Authority. 

  1. How long can an employee stay on the Central Salary Account (CSA) account?

Ideally less than 30 days but up to 1 year.

  1. Who processes the candidate’s application?

Force Renewal DRIVE Staffing Team (DRIVE) or Career Field Teams (PAQ and COP) at the AF Personnel Center

  1. How much is the recruitment bonus?

Candidates may qualify for a recruitment incentive.  The recruitment bonus is $5000 and can be expected in the employee’s 1st or 2nd paycheck

  1. What type of commitment is incurred for accepting the recruitment bonus?

The employee will incur at 12 month commitment for the $5000 bonus.

  1. How long does it take for a DRIVE candidate to be placed in a job?

The process varies between 45 -90 days and is not guaranteed

(Last Updated Oct. 26, 2022)