Speakers bureau

General info 

At Keesler, being a good neighbor and telling the Air Force story is very important. 

Groups that request a speaker from Keesler vary widely. Some know nothing of the military and want to learn about it. That's where the payoff comes - explaining the Air Force mission and inspiring patriotism - which translates into grass-roots support for our programs and funding. 

Some requests are very targeted, i.e. -- a business management class calls and wants to know how the Air Force creates manpower standards -- a volleyball player is needed to give some pointers.

Why make a request to the speaker's bureau? 

The Keesler AFB speaker's bureau is composed of Airmen in the ranks of junior enlisted to field grade officers who volunteer their time to speak in the community. Most requests for speakers come from area schools and civic organizations. Our Speakers Bureau can be a valuable resource for your club or organization to learn more about Keesler and the people who perform our mission. 

Members of the Keesler AFB speaker's bureau can talk on a variety of subjects, including: 

-Air Force history 

-war history 

- flying or aviation science and safety 

- Air Force medicine and health professions 

- law enforcement 

- working overseas 

- leadership or management 

- Air Force career or educational opportunities 

- Air Force Academy, ROTC and Officer Training School 

- civil service opportunities 

- communications and computers 

- meteorology/weather 

- ethnic heritage and history 

- women in the Air Force 

- working spouses

If you want to request a speaker, contact the 81st Training Wing public affairs, 228-377-2783 or 81trw.pa@us.af.mil 

Please have the following information ready: 

- name of organization 

- grade of school class (if appropriate) 

- name and telephone number of your point of contact for the speaking engagement 

- date and time of the event 

- topics you'd like the speaker to address, along with any other special requirements or requests.

Why join the speaker's bureau? 

As Airmen we share the responsibility of telling the Air Force story. At the 81st Training Wing public affairs office, we do our best to make telling our Air Force story easy and informative. 

We talk to schools & universities, city governments, community centers, museums, social clubs, career day attendees, industry, at ceremonies, Air Force Balls, Graduations, Job Fairs, Science Fairs... those are the main audiences and venues. 

Once you join, from time to time, you'll receive an e-mail with the subject "Speaking Opportunities." There'll be a list of the "who, what, where, when, how, and why" for a speaking opportunity. 

You decide whether you're interested in doing one. If you are, simply click "Reply" and tell us you want to do the speaking or want more details. After we receive two people willing to commit to each event, we inform everyone via another e-mail that there's no need for further responses. 

If you decide you want to join the speakers bureau contact the 81TRW public affairs office, 228-377-1179 or 81trw.pamain@us.af.mil 

Public Affairs have the resources to help anyone speak on any subject, but being familiar with a topic is a bonus. You will come across more personable and be more apt at answering any questions the audience may have.