Public Affairs Briefing for Deployed Members

Public Affairs Briefing for members about to deploy

PA Mission: Tell the story of America's Air Force to the public to maintain their trust, respect and understanding of our role in the community and to the nation so that the Air Force can fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace.

Public Affairs Top 10 "Do's" for deployed members
1. Be relaxed, confident, and professional
2. Be concise; plan what you will say before you speak
3. Consider the sensitivity of unclassified data
4. Stay in your lane, talk only about what YOU KNOW
5. If you won't tell something, explain why (OPSEC)
6. Always be truthful, never lie
7. EVERYTHING is on the record
8. Remain calm and professional
9. Report results of media visits to higher command
10. Direct press inquiries to the unit PAO

Public Affairs Top 10 "Don'ts" for deployed members
1. Violate OPSEC
2. Confirm, deny, or discuss info regarding units
3. Speculate about military course of action
4. Talk exact numbers and locations of troops
5. Give info on equipment or Rules of Engagement
6. Discuss specific locations of U.S. or friendly forces
7. Identify yourself by last name
8. Confiscate audio/video tapes or reporter's notes
9. Discuss introduction or addition of forces/equipment
10.Discuss relocation or movement of forces

Contact the 81 Training Wing Public Affairs Office for more information.