334th Training Squadron

Commander: Lt. Col. Liza Vaccaro
2023 Technical Training Squadron of the Year
Mission: Train, Develop and Inspire Command and Control Professionals
Vision: To Excel as the Air Force’s Preeminent Command and Control Training Enterprise


Air Traffic Control Apprentice – 1C131

This course is the initial skills training to perform Air Traffic Control duties to include Control Tower and Radar Approach Control Operations. This course equips students with the basic knowledge and skills required to effectively monitor, coordinate, and ensure   safe and efficient flow of aircraft. Additional supplemental courses offered below:

Supplemental Courses:

Air Traffic Control Systems Specialist (AOSS)

Air Traffic Control Craftsman

Air Traffic Control Chief Controller

Military Airspace Management

Airfield Operations Officer / Special Tactics Officers / International - 13M1 

This course provides training for officers tasked with managing and overseeing airfield operations worldwide. The course includes training in Air Traffic Control (ATC), Radar, Airfield, and Weather Systems (RAWS), Airfield Management (AM), and Contingency Operations. Airfield Operations Officers perform and lead airfield operations in those specialties while also advising commanders on the effective use of AO assets. They’re also responsible for plans, policies, and programs within the AO field. 

Airfield Management Apprentice – 1C731

Provides initial skills training for personnel entering the airfield management career field.  This course offers training in various aspects of airfield operations, including runway maintenance, aircraft parking, airfield lighting, and emergency response. As an Airfield Operations Manager, you will be responsible for managing all aspects of airfield operations to ensure safe aircraft operations within the airfield environment and through national and international airspace systems. Your duties will include coordinating with aircrews, air traffic control, and various base agencies, conducting airfield inspections, responding to flight safety hazards, and providing support to transient aircrews. Additional supplemental courses offered below:

Supplemental Courses:

Airfield Management Craftsman Course

Advanced Airfield Managers Course

Aviation Resource Management (ARM) Apprentice – 1C032

Provides initial skills training for personnel entering the Aviation Resource Management career field.  As an Aviation Resource Management Specialist, you will be responsible for managing aviation and parachutist Host Aviation Resource Management (HARM) and Squadron Aviation Resource Management (SARM) functions. Your duties will include scheduling, standardization, evaluation, and record-keeping related to flying and ground training, aviation flight records, parachutist jump records, and squadron operations. You'll operate and maintain the Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) and ensure compliance with aviation management policies and procedures. Additional supplemental courses offered below:

Supplemental Courses: 

Aviation Resource Management Journeyman

Aviation Resource Management Craftsman

Advanced Aviation Resource Manager

All-Domain Command and Control Operations Apprentice – 1C331

Training prepares airmen to perform the duties of a Command and Control operations specialty apprentice, to include the primary responsibilities of providing command and control (C2) for the Wing commander.  This course overs a wide range of topics, including  tactical command procedures, mission planning, communication systems, and operational decision-making. Your duties will include providing command, control, communications, and information support across various operations, from peacetime to crisis and  wartime situations. You'll ensure proper execution of C2 instructions, relay critical   information to senior leaders and support agencies, and facilitate coordination with internal and external entities.







Additional supplemental courses offered below:

Supplemental Courses:

All-Domain Command and Control Operations Journeyman

All-Domain Command and Control Operations Craftsman

All-Domain Command and Control Operations Leadership

Nuclear Command and Control: Offutt Air Force Base, NE

Nuclear Command and Control (NC2)

Nuclear Command, Control and Communications (NC3) 

Global Aircrew Strategic Network Terminal (GASNT Ops)

Global Aircrew Strategic Network Terminal (GASNT MX)

Battle Management Operations 1C531

This course develops Airmen to perform the duties prescribed for Command and Control Battle Management Operation (C2BMO) Apprentice training. This course covers
a diverse range of topics including airspace control, radar operations, threat assessment, and tactical decision-making. As a C2 Battle Management Systems Operator, you will be a vital member of an operational unit, responsible for interpreting radar data presentations to generate console displays. Your role encompasses a wide array of tasks including surveillance, identification, weapons control, tactical data link management, and data analysis. You will play a crucial role in mission planning, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of air operations under your control.  

Radar, Airfield and Weather Systems (RAWS) Apprentice 1C833

This course provides initial training for personnel in the Radar, Airfield and Weather Systems (RAWS/1C833) career field. As a Radar, Airfield & Weather Systems (RAWS) Technician, you will play a critical role in deploying, installing, maintaining, and repairing fixed or mobile air traffic control, weather, and ground aircraft control systems. Your responsibilities will also include related radar operator training devices, aircraft identification equipment, remoting systems, video mappers, computerized processors, and meteorological and navigation ground-to-air radio systems. You'll ensure the safe and expedient movement of air traffic throughout the National Airspace System (NAS) and provide support to the National Weather Service (NWS). Additional supplemental courses offered below:

Supplemental Courses:

Digital Airport Surveillance Radar (DASR) MX

Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) Maintenance

High Reliability Soldering

Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch (ETVS)

Radar, Airfield & Weather Systems (RAWS) 7-Lvl Work Center Manager

Radar, Airfield & Weather Systems (RAWS) Superintendent