Preparation for hurricanes


Personnel review and update Keesler Form 21, Shelter Information, by the seventh of each month during the hurricane season. This form is accessible from the Air Force Portal web page.

Families are advised to develop disaster plans. For an example, see:

Hurricane Checklist

At HURCON 5, as of June 1, crisis action team implements tropical storm advisory and directs commanders and/or first sergeants to review TSA checklists and take appropriate actions.

At HURCON 4, listen to latest weather bulletins and follow instructions from unit commanders.

Off-base and base housing residents should:

Brief family members on their responsibilities. Review actions to take if sheltering is necessary.

Keep radio and television on for information on status of the storm.

Check supply of food that can be eaten without cooking.

Stock flashlights, extra batteries, camp lantern, transistor radio, special prescribed medicines and food, baby food, first aid kit, insecticides, water purification tablets, fire extinguisher, tool kit and hardware, boards for windows and plastic bags to cover any broken windows.

Tie down mobile homes and disconnect propane tanks.

Secure objects in open areas.

Fill car tanks with gasoline.

Store small boats in enclosed shelters or tie them down.

At HURCON 3, dorm residents should:

Store personal items in lockers and drawers.

Move furniture to walls opposite windows.

Unplug electrical equipment and turn off lights.

Close all doors.

Secure equipment, motorcycles, trash cans, signs, etc.

Stand by for briefings by unit commanders.

Plan to brace doors securely.

Stack furniture and rugs.

Have flashlights within easy reach.

Stay away from windows.

Keep in contact with duty section or squadron.

Minimize phone calls to base.

Pay particular attention to bulletins and advisories issued by base officials, and to radio and television for information and evacuation or sheltering instructions.

At HURCON 2, make final preparations -- fill jugs, bottles, etc., with drinking water. Put important personal papers or valuables in water-proof strong boxes. Everyone except mission-essential personnel and students is encouraged to evacuate.

At HURCON 1, mission-essential personnel and students report to their designated shelters.