Keesler Honor Guard

The mission of the Keesler Air Force Base Honor Guard is to represent the Air Force by providing Military Honors at the request of the families for our fallen comrades. Our Honor Guard provides Honors for an area that covers over 48,000 square miles, roughly 68 counties, over the southern half of both Mississippi and Louisiana. 

The Keesler Air Force Base Honor Guard is trained to provide Military Honors with precision, professionalism and pride, striving to exceed even our own rigorous Air Force Standards, while demonstrating the highest level of commitment to represent the United States Air Force and Keesler Air Force Base. 

We provide Honors for other ceremonies attended by the general public such as Change of Command, retirements, flag folding ceremonies, and Parades. 

Requesting the Keesler Honor Guard for off-base events: 

For all public events, send an official request by e-mail and attach the Colors Request form to the Keesler Public Affairs Office at Public affairs will respond for more information, if needed. 

If approved, Public Affairs will direct you to coordinate directly with the Keesler Honor Guard. 


1. Provide at most 30 days’ and at least 2 weeks’ notice. 

2. Please remember that the honor guard's primary function is to support funerals. Your request could be cancelled due to a sudden change in mission requirements. 

3. Requests are balanced against several factors - does it support the Air Force, does it project the proper image, is it open to the public, how many people will attend. 

4. In the case that Keesler’s Honor Guard will not be able to assist with the colors request, try reaching out to your local JROTC, ROTC or Civil Air Patrol unit to see if they can present at your event.

Requesting the Keesler Honor Guard for Funerals:

NOTE: Due to recent changes, Keesler Honor Guard will only be able to provide a 2-3 honor guardsmen for both veteran and retiree funerals. Please contact your local VFW or American Legion for firing party support.

1. Please provide at least 2 days’ notice prior to the service.

2. Contact the funeral home you are working with and inform them you want Honor Guard at the Funeral.

2. Email a request form to the Keesler Honor Guard 

3. Keesler Honor Guard will contact the requester to verify the information and schedule coverage for the funeral.