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  • Building blocks of cyberspace

    The 338th Training Squadron is transitioning their curriculum into building blocks to create modules available for multiple career fields as needed for cyber training. Each career field works with cyber more and more as technologies continue to advance and cyber information that takes more than a year to integrate into a curriculum tends to be outdated. Modular training offers the ability to easily add or remove course material that may become relevant in the future or has lost relevance.
  • 81st TRG hosts Mock Tech Expo

    In preparation for the Air Education and Training Command Technology Expo, the 81st Training Group held a Mock Tech Expo at Roberts Maintenance Facility, here on Jan. 27. The expo had booths set up for nine different projects. A demonstration for each project was  conducted as 81st TRG and 81st Training Wing leadership walked through.
  • Funding efficiency across Keesler

    Every year, squadrons from Keesler compete for Squadron Innovation Funds by submitting an application fulfilling requirements to the Innovation Working Group. The funds are provided by the Air Force to support initiatives aimed at mission effectiveness improvements in the areas of innovation, such as modernizing technology and processes. If awarded, squadrons receive the funding in addition to their budget.
  • A SMART way to shape goals

    “Your health is more than being able to run well for the physical fitness test or max out on push-ups,” said Joy Schaubhut, 81st Operational Readiness Medicine Squadron Health Promotion program coordinator. “It encompasses mental, physical, spiritual and social health and if you have healthy goals, it’s important to have a plan to reach them.” Goals are recommended to be specific, measurable, attainable, results focused and time bound, or SMART, for successful results.
  • Suicide awareness: Seeing the warning signs

    Life in the military can be rewarding for military members and their families but our personnel and dependents go through stressful situations like deployments, moving to a new base or just standard life stressors.These stressors can sometimes become overwhelming and can possibly lead to thoughts of harming oneself. It’s imperative that military
  • Making it off the island

    Sometimes, life is like being on an island of misfit toys. Some people make it off the island quickly. For some people, like me, it takes years and little help to get off the island to a place where they have better mental health.Growing up with less than stellar mental health made me feel like I didn’t belong. I was always the different one and
  • Suicide awareness: Where to get help

    As we head into the new year, Team Keesler is taking on suicide awareness to help those in need. The Air Force and Defense Department have created several programs and agencies for service members and their families who are facing struggles with their mental health. At Keesler we have the Mental Health Clinic located in the Keesler Medical Center
  • Registration open now for virtual AETC Leadership Mentoring Symposium Jan. 27-28

    As part of service-wide focus on mentorship, Air Education and Training Command will virtually host a Leadership Mentoring Symposium Jan. 27-28, 2021. The two-day mentoring event is being hosted by the AETC Mentoring Council, which is comprised of Airmen from around the command, and will allow senior leaders to mentor to a virtual audience on specific topics.
  • Dragon medics bring COVID-19 relief to Gulf Coast veterans

    Members of the 81st Medical Group assisted in the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine to members of the Armed Forces Retirement Home Dec. 21 in Gulfport, Mississippi.  Approximately 30 members of the 81st MDG coordinated with the Defense Health Agency, 81st Training Wing leadership, and officials from the Armed Forces Retirement Home to order the vaccine for the retirement home residents and staff members.